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#-49 Edited by DonutFever (4042 posts) -
@ryanwho said:

" Internet seems kind of close to TV but it really does make the most sense. I could also see cell phones or something. Handhelds like in Devil Survivor. 

 Cell Phones are the best idea I've heard so far. 
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#-48 Posted by dyong (334 posts) -

So in P5: Information Superhighway, everyone is Hermit arcana?

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#-47 Posted by JJWeatherman (15001 posts) -
@dyong said:
" So in P5: Information Superhighway, everyone is Hermit arcana? "

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#-46 Posted by Raymayne (1230 posts) -

You will jump into videogames in Persona 5.

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#-45 Edited by Catolf (2791 posts) -

I say this time, we jump into pictures... or paintings from famous artists, and one of your party members is very artsy.. and everyone goes to art class... and sneak into a museum at night to stop the shadows from destroying awesome art.
A panting.. of like, something is the mascot. Oh the scream one, yeah that one.
Or you could even jump into new artists paintings to same them, and from their painting into their SOUL. XD

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