Where do you want Persona 4 Arena to go storywise (spoilers)? (Poll)

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So there's a lot of story setup in Persona 4 Arena that's presumably going to be explored in a future game.

There's Elizabeth, clearly on a quest to resurrect the Persona 3 protagonist so she can see him again and gaining the wild card, indicating the true start of her journey. There's who is mainly thought to be Nyarlathotep appearing at the end, appearing as characters' fake Shadow selves, in search for a "one true vessel" and also cooperating with a human (apparently begrudgingly). There's an unkown hacker who took over Labrys for some reason. Finally, there's also the group of people who hijacked the plane in the first place to get Labrys who are unknown.

With all of that, the Investigation Team is reassembled and they promise to get to the bottom of this, with the Shadow Operatives leaving with the same resolve.

So where do you guys want this all to go?

I personally want it to be further explored in a Persona 4 Arena 2. I don't want a Persona 4-2 because I think P4 was enough. The RPG introduced all these great characters and I don't think I want another RPG with the same familiar cast. Same thing applies to Persona 3-2, which I guess would be an RPG that followed things from the Shadow Operatives' perspective.

I want Persona 5 to be composed of a whole new cast and story. I want to discover new awesome characters, music and adventures without going through this whole Persona culmination that P4A seems to be leading towards.

I think a Persona 4 Arena "series" would be the perfect venue for Persona fanservice material and anything involving the previous Persona games meeting up and interacting together. Plus, it'd be weird to see story from a fighting game progressing into a full on RPG.

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I'd love a new Persona game that explores similar themes, but has a cool concept. I'd love a new midnight plot that has something to do with the internet in some manner. Also cellphones like the ones in Catherine should be a great way to work in social links with fake internet social media. I have some cool ideas that I'm still thinking out, but I'd love a different persona cast and game so Persona 5 it is!

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@Phatmac: That's not what I mean. I'm not asking which game you want next, since we already know that Persona 5 is being focused on by the Persona Team, but I'm asking where you want the Persona 4 Arena story to lead into. It seems you actually don't want P4A to lead into Persona 5.

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I would really like Persona 4 Arena to just consist of the P3 and P4 universe and stay in the P4 Arena games and have P5 be its own separate thing. A Persona 4 Arena 2 would fill the fanservice needs nicely. I with FluxWaveZ in wanting a totally new cast, story, music, etc. I really hope Atlus keeps P5 as its own thing.

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I want Persona 4 arena to lead in Persona 5. A new main character could be introduced with new friends....they could discover their Personas by coming into contact with the investigation team when they are battleing Nyarlathotep, they could then learn to harness that power and help the investigation team in the latter half of the game. Also hope to see Philemon more since Nyarlathotep has shown up again, who knows maybe the main team can use any persona of a specific arcana since they all came in contact with Philemon and not just the main protagonist like the last 2 games.

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Oh then I'd like a sequel to this but for it to not be called Persona 5. Persona 4-2 is what I'd like then.

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It sounds like Yu was suggesting that the Investigation Teams next destination would be Port Island from Persona 3. I think it would be lame if Persona 5 took place there when we have all already explored it in Persona 3. I'm with Flux I want a brand new story and characters, the current Persona 4 Arena plot can continue in a new Persona 4 Arena game.

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I want Persona 5 to be composed of a whole new cast and story. I want to discover new awesome characters, music and adventures without going through this whole Persona culmination that P4A seems to be leading towards.

On that I definitely agree with you. I would want P5 to have a new story that has its own thing like rumors coming true in P2, dark hour/Evoker/Tartarus in P3 and going inside the TV in P4.

Maybe have a separate game or anime that continues their adventures that eventually leads up to the events of P5 where they have cameos or are NPCs that guide the cast of P5.

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I feel like they're setting all of this up to be some kind of culmination of Wild Card users. I mean you have Yu/Charlie, who's going to be going off to where Persona 3 was set in order to investigate stuff. Then you have Elizabeth, who is also starting a new journey to find a way to free the Protagonist from Persona 3 by forming bonds and what have you. Then you have the Persona 3 protagonist himself, who could potentially come back in some form (my guess would be at some climactic moment near the final act of Persona 5).

But most importantly, you'd have a new character acting as Persona 5's protagonist with his own cast of characters to form 'bonds' with. It really feels like this is all being driven towards some kind of ultimate conclusion in which not only do each of the Wild Card users form bonds to make themselves stronger, but they in turn form bonds with each other to perform what Elizabeth keeps describing as some form of "miracle". Beyond that, though, the main plot of Persona 5 could be anything as long as it ties these threads together in a satisfying fashion. I'd be disappointed if all of this exposition in Arena was just to create a couple of spin-offs.

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It'd be easier to find this if you had posted it in the Persona 4 Arena forum. :P

But I think it's a safe bet that this is a lead-in to Persona 5.

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I want Persona 5 to ba a stand alone title with new casts and a new protagonist; Malevelent Entity could play some part in the story; and old cast from P3 and P4 should not steal the new cast's thunder. I would also like to see new abilities of the wild card  aside from fusion spells. 

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While I was watching Akihiko's story mode on Youtube I realised that I really actively dislike a majority of the P4 cast.
A follow up to Arena would be the best possible outcome for me. As long as I don't need to deal with characters like Teddie, Yosuke, Naoto, etc in Persona 5 I can manage without the good characters from 3 too.

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Hey, old thread, didn't notice it the first time. So, at this point, I'd be happy if they just start double-subtitling. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona - Shadow Operatives. You're a new recruit in the police academy, your fellow classmates are Chie and Akihiko, who have obviously hooked up. I'm sure you have some potential of some sort, I mean, you're the protagonist of this game- right? So they discover this and bring you into the Shadow Ops. The P3/P4 cast are important characters, but your social linking is done with new characters from the academy and around town... or something. I'm expecting P4A2, which I'll gladly play, but it feels like they're setting up something bigger than "Super P4A".
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I definitely want to see another full-length RPG to continue the P4A story. I think there are some interesting ways they could do this. 1. SEES and the Investigation team, team up and fight some enemy, but in the middle of that fight somethings happens and they all lose their memory of their Personas and have to rediscover them, you would play as Yu again but maybe all the characters have aged a couple years. 2. Yu has gone missing and you play as a new protagonist who must find him in a rebuilt Port Island that was destroyed in a natural disaster or a shadow related incident. 3. You play as the son or daughter of Yu and Chie (Or any female teamate of you're choosing) and you have to solve some mystery with a grown-up Nanako, Yosuke's son or daughter, Kanji's son or daughter, and some new characters, maybe in Okina City. I definitely do not want another fighting game, because it wouldn't make any sense as to why they're fighting each other again after Shadow Labrys has been defeated.

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There are three things I would love to see that I am pretty sure most of you will hate. Whether you hate them or not I think they could be done very well and have great plot lines.

First-new fighting game: I wasn't a big fan of the arcade fighting style of persona 4 arena; it worked well and everything but it just didn't seem right for a game like persona to have an arcade fighter. I want a dissidia style fighter, that could work very well if you ask me. The pace of the action would be perfect for a RPG spinoff fighter. It worked well with Final Fantasy, and it could work well with Persona. Also FUCK THE STORY! Don't get me wrong , it was good but way way WAY, to long for a fighting game; hell I think all three lord of the rings books were shorter than this damn thing. Make it a good fighting game with a good fighting game story, that would work pretty well. It should be a big game too, like a tournament for the world card or something super strong like that, and make ALL of the persona main characters in it from 1 to 4, the heroes and villains. That would be awesome.

Second-A Hamuko story: Now the fighting game would be interesting but not important to the persona universe, just a fun game that would be interesting to see. But I really think Hamuko or the female main character should have her own story. This would give more recognition to her and it could turn out really good. Instead of the answer with its tedious and repetition, have a story after Minato's death staring Hamuko as one of Minato's relatives. When Minato passed away instead of Aigis getting the wild card, have Hamuko get it and thus starting a new adventure with sees and another awesome character. This would be a great thing in my eyes because I really liked Hamuko and I feel like there could be so much potential with her character.

Third-Minato's return: This is the one that I have been thinking about quite a bit. In persona 4 arena Elizabeth goes after Minato so he can return. This should be the only story taken from arena and it should be used as a story arc for persona 5. Now Minato shouldn't be the main antagonist but rather a boss either for DLC (oh please god no DLC) or as a kinda new game+ feature. So saying that he is a boss he should be some sort of villain; now again these are ideas so the reasoning, and all of that isn't made but it would be cool to see a corrupt Minato. All I have so far is Elizabeth succeeds in bringing Minato back, but when he is being resurrected, his body loses the ability to summon his persona and he some how gets demonic like powers and becomes a villain. Again this is concept so there are plot holes every where in that little bit, but if someone like atlus were to take this into thinking it could turn into something awesome.

Well there are my ideas, I have other pretty interesting ideas but these are the ones that would most likely happen. Like I said I bet if anyone read this you will hate it, but if you don't let me know and I might share my other ideas.

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