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    Sexual behaviour that deviates from the norms of society.

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    As a character trait

    Some characters, usually male, like to give inappropriate attention to the features of female supporting characters. This can range from staring, giving suggestive statements, to skipping the middle man and just latching onto the lumps of flesh that they have been attracted to the whole time. In unbelievably rare cases, the perverts may be female.  

    As a gameplay mechanic

    While many games use player perversion as a gag/ easter egg/ fan service, a small number actually use it as the core gameplay concept. This is most relevant to Japanese H-games and dating sims which puts the player in the role of a perverted mind, hopeless skirt chaser, or serial rapist. For example, the quirky DS series Doki Doki Majo uses the groping of young unusually-busty underage girls (via the DS stylus) as a gameplay mechanic, apparently to determine whether or not a girl is a witch.

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