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Pestilence is a giant insectoid-like creature who not only possesses incredible strength and a tank-like carapace, but commands an army of bugs and subterranean insects.
He never refers to himself in the first person, indicating that when you command pestilence, you command his allies as well. He does indeed have the markings of a leader and this was, we are told, the main reason he abandoned his former hive as only females can lead there.

Some of his most notable unit reactions are: "the swarm is ready", "the hive grows restless", "buzz off" and "s'warm, isn't it?"


Pestilence is a carry, ganker and initiator. His gore ability, combined with great active stun and speed to chase down a fleeing opponent makes him fearsome if he surprises his enemy. His Impale ability is also what makes him a great initiator, as a good stun can lock 3 or more enemies if he's lucky. His ultimate ability also makes sure stealth heroes can't hide for a while.



He opens his back and flies around the battlefield, gaining extra speed but taking more damage if hit.


With the support of a giant underground insect (with very large teeth apparently) all of Pestilence's enemies are impaled around him.


Pestilence uses his razor sharp horn to attack his enemies in conjunction with his normal attacks.


Pestilence has his smaller bugs spy on the enemy heroes, lowering their defenses and revealing their locations.

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