Pete Kowalski

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    He's the rather timid friend of Jimmy Hopkins and fellow Bullworth Academy student. In his own words he's too cool to be a nerd and too nerdy to be cool.

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    Pete Kowalski, often called Petey, is one of the main characters in Bully - he is not part of a clique. He's an unpopular student that even the nerds look down on however ever since Jimmy Hopkins' arrival at Bullworth Academy, Pete is slightly more "feared".

    He is the only student that wears a pink shirt with a blue Bullworth sweater worn over it. He enjoys watching TV and playing video games as well as art. Pete is shown as a shy and awkward character with little confidence who seems to just want friends but believes that won't happen, in his own words "I'm too cool to be a dork, and too dorky to be anything else".

    He is repeatedly picked on by the other students especially Gary Smith as well as Jimmy at times, but Jimmy needs Pete's intelligence so tries to be kind to him.


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