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    Peter Griffin

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    Character in TV Show Family Guy, also a character from the Family Guy Video Game. He is obese and has a low IQ. He mistreats his wife and usually is at the drunken clam with his mates. His best friend is the family dog, Brian. He has three children.

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    Peter Griffin currently resides in Quahog, an area in Rhode Island. He is in his 40's, severely over weight, and has a slight mental retardation. He and his wife Lois have 3 children, Meg, Chris and Stewie.

    Over the years Peter has had a number of different jobs, but originally he worked for the Happy Go Lucky toy company, which was closed down when the owner of the company died, after choking to death on a dinner roll. In the following episodes Peter had tried a few other jobs, such as a knight at the Medieval fair, and a fisherman.

    Peter Griffin is well known for the quote "freakin' sweet" and uses it on a number of occasions, making it sort of a catch phrase for him.


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