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Unsatisfying game but it does give you an easy 1000 points!

I will be honest; I bought King Kong for the achievement points. I didn't have a lot of them in my profile and I wanted to have a quick boost, so I immediately searched for King Kong as I knew it was one of the easiest source of achievement points on the Xbox 360, and I was right! Or rather, they were right, they as in the people who played it before me and mentioned how short and easy the game was.

The story of the game follows the story of the movie of the same name (well, except without the Peter Jackson part), and I’m guessing that by now pretty much everyone knows the King Kong story so I’ll skip that part. What I will say though is that the game follows the story TO THE LETTER, and really it's just plain too much. You feel like you're in a rollercoaster ride and that your actions have no effect, that you could be watching this if you were not playing it.

Aside from that the gameplay is standard FPS fare, except that by default you have no aiming cursor, no health bar and no bullet count. You can enable bullets and the cursor in the menu but not the health bar and the reason for that is because you don't have any health in the game. If you get hit once by an enemy, your view will change to a sort of blood red and the world will sort of spin around you, and if you get hit again you die. So the trick is to not get hit once. It's far easier than it sounds trust me, and if you do get hit it's easy to run away most of the times. Now some do like that system but personally I’m used to having a HUD and I activated as many things as I could to make me feel at home. But at least they tried to immerse you as much as they could.

The graphics are pretty amazing.,there are a lot of amazing landscapes and sunsets. You could say that this game is style over substance and you'd probably be right but it is a very pretty game.

The sound is also pretty good. The voice actors of the movie are all there (I think) to reprise their characters and they sound great. The sound in the game is also very loud, everytime I heard Kong growl my room literally shook which is great. The music can also come in pretty loud when something happens so they were really aiming for that movie theater feel and they nailed it.

The value in the game is either low or high depending on how you see it. As I’ve said before, I bought the game for the achievements and on that front it delivered. It was short and easy and it gave me a thousand points. Awesome right? But then, the game is short and easy, so if you don't care about the achievement points this game will be a terrible value to you, but if you do care then this game becomes a pretty good value especially since it's one of the cheapest 360 game right now, I got it for 20$ and I’m sure that later down the road the price is going to be even lower than that.

This game isn't a memorable one, but I didn't buy it to get that kind of experience. I bought it to get points and I got them, so I’m satisfied. If you're after points, you will be too.

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