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King Kong DS: A Review By KingreX32

Ubisoft Montpellier, Ubisoft Casablanca, and Phoenix Studio and published by Ubisoft. It was released on November 17 2005.

King Kong on the DS is a FPS survival adventure game, like its Xbox 360 counterpart the game has the same plot as the movie. You are a team of people on thee way to a mysterious island to film a movie. While on the island they run into some crazy natives and the main character of the movie there supposed to be filming is kidnapped.

Through out most of the game you play as Jack Driscoll, and when some missions call for it Kong himself. When using human characters some of the enemies you will encounter are giant crabs, velocirators, (velociraptors usually serve as boss fights) pterosaurs, and giant bugs. When playing as Kong you really don’t have many enemies, its mainly just velociraptors and T-rex’s. (Tyrannosaurs are boss fights for Kong) The game is basically a shoot em up, because if you have no gun you have no chance at survival, and creatures will swarm you. That’s basically it there is not much to this game, all you do is shoot.

The graphics in the game were complete and total crap, they were just a bit better than touch the dead but they were still very terribly done. The characters were blocky or just not recognizable, the environments were ok but all in all the graphics were crap. The game play was like I said earlier a shoot em up, you might throw a spear there or open a door here, but 95% of the game was shoot everything in site. Like Quantum of Solace this game lacks any depth in the game play. The controls were the same basic controls found in any FPS on the DS, L is to shoot, the directional pad is to move around and the touch screen is to look around, if your left-handed the layout can be changed.

Overall King Kong on the DS was a…..half decent game, although you might want to give it a rental before you invest your thirty bucks. On the positive side the game is a decent length you can get at the most 8 hours of game play, and the ability to play as Kong was pretty cool. On the negative side the game play has no depth, the graphics were crap, and the game and presentation its self all terrible. Lastly spoiler alert you don’t play as Kong in the last part of the game (you know the whole battle on top The Empire State building) its all one big five minute cut scene. King Kong on the DS was not as good as I thought it was going to be and gets 4.5 out of 10.       

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