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    Petruccio Auditore da Firenze

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    Petruccio is Ezio Auditore's younger brother in Assassin's Creed II. Fond of birds, it is Petruccio who later inspires Ezio to gather the 100 feathers scattered throughout Italy.

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    Son of Maria and Giovanni Auditore da Fierenze (an assassin), young Petruccio spent much of his life bedridden, due to frequent illness. Unable to participate in the surreptitious training of his brothers as assassins, Petruccio asked Ezio to collect feathers for him. It is never mentioned why he desires these feathers, but they were one of the defining features of the young man. Soon after receiving the feathers, Petruccio is arrested with his oldest brother Federico and his father, falsely charged with treason against the Medici family, with Ezio only being spared because he was away from the house at the time. All three Auditores were executed the next day. Soon they were properly buried by surviving brother Ezio, who swore vengeance against those who had murdered his family.


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