Any nostalgia for this game?

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Phantasy Star Online occupies a unique place in my memory.  I played Everquest before I ever played PSO, so it wasn't my first online fantasy game.  I guess it was probably the first pseudo-MMO (feel free to correct me on that if I'm forgetting anything), although there weren't any fees to play it online initially.
The only thing I can safely say is Phantasy Star Online was my first really solid online console gaming experience.  Sure stuff like Quake 3 came out on Dreamcast, and that was pretty solid too, but finding games and the actual netplay was very poor on the standard dial up of that age.  I remember trying to play Alien Front Online, one of the first console games with online voice chat.  Boy was that a horrible experience.  It was fully limited by technology.
Anyways, I don't think I can even say I am particularly nostalgic for PSO, but I do have some great memories of those days.  I was ripping some content I recorded onto VHS tapes back then and I decided to upload a bunch to Youtube.  So anyways I hope this might spark some nostalgia in other gamers who also played PSO when it was new.  Hope you all enjoy it regardless.

Links to part 3 and part 4 so this thread doesn't become bogged down with too many embedded videos.
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I recall many many racial slurs in the waiting rooms. Not to mention the  
All the time.   
As I recall..the online was not laggy at all..when thinking back..surprises me. 

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@The_Laughing_Man:  I don't recall as much racism and ASCII penii but in another part of this video which I didn't upload people were passing around weed references like we were playing Modern Warfare 2.  The internet hasn't changed...
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I played this game on xbox and it was great.

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Wanna add I remember hacker who used keyboards to kill time he killed himself. And I stole ALL his money and was able to log out before he killed me to get the money back. He had maxed money. 

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None whatsoever, but I do have fond memories of watching my cousin play PSU for hours and constantly mocking him for playing it. I know it's a different game, but they're both pretty crappy.

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From the Demo yeah, but I didn't play the game enough to build any memories.

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I played this game way too much, version 1, 2, then blue burst on PC.  Cant wait for PSO 2!

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I only ever played a Phantasy Star on the PSP. Phantasy Star Portable I think?
Not too fond of the series, but I acknowledge that it was pretty awesome back in the day.

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