I just played the demo I need this now!!!

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Is it coming out in north american?
I can't begun to tell how much better this is then the previous one.

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It looks interesting, but could anyone here who has played a full version of it answer me a few questions?
1. I'm a huge PSO fan (never really liked PSU) is the gameplay at all similar to the DC/GC version?
2. In story-mode can you only go planet hopping if you only take a quest, or can you just teleport there and start killing things?
3. Are the AI party members optional, or do they follow you everywhere?
4. Does the main story take a major front seat during the game, or are there multiple side-quests to get lost in?
5. How much exposition is there? Does it just get really heavy towards the beginning and then takes a back seat, or does it pop every now and again throughout story mode?
6. Are there lots of cut scenes? Does one run into them throughout the game? If so does the story follow the typical JRPG tropes (e.g you, the hero, must save the world, solve an ancient mystery, hammy dialogue ensues)
7. Does the story-mode for Phantasy Star Portable 2 completely abandon any and all remnants of the PSU storyline/canon?
Anyone who can answer me any of these questions as specifically as possible would be greatly appreciated (since this game will ultimately determine if I get a PSP or not this fall).

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Sorry, but I wanted to ask one more thing.
Are there a lot of character conversations that you have to sit through in this game? Can you just skip them?

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@trophyhunter said:
" Is it coming out in north american? I can begun to tell how much better this is then the previous one. "
I know what you mean, I started it around 6 hours ago. Next thing I know its 3:30 am. This game seems like a must-have for the PSP. Except now my hand is all cramped. 
I assume it is coming out in NA since the demo was just released on the NA PSN 
I'll only answer what I know. The AI partners are optional, there may be times where they are needed for certain missions though, I don't know. 
And there seem to be a lot of character dialog, there may have been a skip feature like what you see in Persona. (Hold triangle to breeze through text) 
This is my first real experience with a PSO game, and I'm hooked. Can't wait for this to come out in NA. I fell in love with dual handguns.
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The amount of time I see myself putting into this demo to level up and try different weapons, I sure hope they let you carry over the save data.
Btw, way to make a proper demo. 3  bosses  (4 if you count the story chapter)  and the last one - at least for me - actually required a little grinding. 

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Update: I still enjoyed the demo. But I won't be getting the game. Why? Online creeps me out. It seems that 80% of rooms are "girls only", "no missions, only sex", "looking for GF" ...

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