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    Phantom Thieves

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    The Phantom Thieves are the persona-users in Persona 5 who band together to change the hearts of criminals by infiltrating the Metaverse and stealing their Treasure.

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    Formed in Tokyo, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are students who have awakened to their ability to wield personas and explore the Metaverse with the intent of changing the hearts of ill-natured people. Those with especially strong "distorted desires" have their own Palaces in the Metaverse, which are physical manifestations of their malevolence. The Phantom Thieves infiltrate these Palaces and steal the Treasure within, a physical representation of the source of the subject's desires. The theft of this Treasure causes the Palace to collapse, and the individual in the real world experiences a change of heart thereafter.



    The protagonist of Persona 5 and a second-year transfer student at Shujin Academy. Joker is the first member to awaken to his persona and the only member who wields the Wild Card ability, allowing him to obtain and use multiple personas. His weapons are a handgun and a dagger.

    Ryuji Sakamoto

    A brash, rowdy second-year student at Shujin Academy, Ryuji awakens to his persona shortly after Joker. He has a reputation as a delinquent at school due to his acting out against track team coach Kamoshida, the Phantom Thieves' first target. Ryuji's persona specializes in physical and electric attacks. His weapons are a shotgun and a heavy mace.


    A cat-like creature, Morgana is encountered by Joker and Ryuji in Kamoshida's palace and agrees to help the ground in their efforts in exchange for their help in regaining Morgana's lost memories. Outside of the Metaverse, Morgana appears as a traditional cat. His persona specializes in wind and healing magic and his weapons are a slingshot and a scimitar.

    Ann Takamaki

    Ann is a second-year student at Shujin Academy who joins the Phantom Thieves after her friend Shido attempts suicide following abuse from gym teacher Kamoshida. Her persona specializes in fire attacks and debuffs. She wields a submachine gun and a whip for her weapons.

    Yusuke Kitagawa

    Yusuke is a well-spoken art student from Kosei High School. He joins the group after the fall of his sensei, Ichiryusai Madarame, who had been plagiarizing artworks from his students. Yusuke's persona specializes in physical and ice attacks and he wields an assault rifle and traditional Japanese swords.

    Makoto Niijima

    Makoto is the Student Council President at Shujin Academy. She is the sister of Sae Niijima, the Special Prosecutor investigating the Phantom Thieves. Makoto is initially tasked with investigating the group herself by the principal of Shujin Academy, but ends up joining them after becoming embroiled in the group's efforts to take down the mafia operating in Shibuya. Her persona specializes in nuke attacks, buffs, and healing. She wields a revolver and tekko-style weapons.

    Futaba Sakura

    The adopted daughter of Sojiro Sakura, Futaba joins the Phantom Thieves after the group helps her overcome her grief over her mother's passing. She does not participate in combat, instead providing reconnaissance support outside of battle and aiding the group with buffs during battle.

    Haru Okumura

    Haru is the daughter of the CEO of Okumura Foods and the company heiress. She joins the Phantom Thieves to escape an arranged marriage her father set up for business purposes. Haru's persona specializes in psi and gun damage. Her weapons are a grenade launcher and a heavy axe.


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