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Though he still dons the golden armor and wields the inscribed mace of his former life, nothing human remains. His huge claws, fangs, golden skin and massive horns protruding from his shoulders inspire fear in his enemies. His step causes the ground to burn, he spits souls that explode with devastating force, he can summon the dead and jump great distances with a single leap. When he was brought back to life he could only utter only his name, now, it seems, he has his eyes set on power.
Some of his most notable unit reactions are: "soon they will all serve me", "do not touch my royal self" and "I bring destruction".


He is an initiator and ganker, though he can also push from anywhere on the map with his Tormented Soul skill. Jumping in with his ultimate and activating Wall of Mummies is sure to confuse and stun the entire enemy team.



Fire spikes rise from the ground, damaging a random enemy close to the Pharaoh. (pluss a mini stun)

Wall of Mummies

Spawns 8 mummies around him, preferably locking an enemy hero in there with him. Any other enemy hero that tries to approach the wall from the outside is stunned, takes damage and burn mana. Can be a great escape mechanism.

Tormented Soul

Spits out a soul that can reach anywhere on the map, exploding when it arrives and giving the team map awareness as it travels, it also reveals the map where it hits for 5 seconds.

Wrath of the Pharaoh (Ultimate)

A huge leap provided you can line it up with an enemy unit and if you have staff of the master u can leap to people on your own team.

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