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    One of the protagonists in the upcoming game Theseis.

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    Back Story

        Pheve was raised alongside her step-brother in the secluded mountain ranges of Pilio with her adopted father Costas. She is strong-willed and quick-witted like her step-brother, but only these characteristics resemble the two. While Andronicos questioned everything around him, Pheve embraced it all with open arms and soon immersed herself in a world of Myth and Folk-lore. She began to believe that the supernatural is more real than present reality around us, only that most are blind and cannot see it. 
        With the disappearance of her brother and her fathers teachings, she quickly became the best self-taught expert on the paranormal and supernatural. With this knowledge equipped she travelled around the country side of Greece collecting stories and odd sightings, until she caught word of her fathers mysterious disappearance. She dropped everything to rush to her home, only to hear that Costas was presumably dead. She contacted her brother, Andronicos, and had a memorial for their beloved father, only to be submerged into the greatest tale that would ever be told.

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