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Phoebe is a serious young woman from Aquaria who is hunting for the reason why the region has frozen over and what can be done to fix it. She cares for her inventor grandfather Spencer, who is trapped in his home under the ice of Aquaria by the time Benjamin reaches the town for the first time.

Benjamin actually encounters Phoebe as she is in the process of locating the Wakewater, thought to be the only thing that can thaw the ice. When it fails to work she eventually enlists his help to defeat the Ice Golem, one of the Vile Four and the cause of the ice. While on-route, she demonstrates to Benjamin how to use the claw to climb walls and gives him her Cat's Claw. She then relies on her Bow of Grace for the rest of the game.

The next time Phoebe is encountered, she is looking after the recovering Kaeli. She assists the hero one more time in the final stretch of the game, helping him defeat the Dark King. She is present when Benjamin sets sail to areas unknown in the game's ending sequence.

In Japan, Phoebe is called Fey. She is the only other character besides Benjamin to use Wizard (the stronger kind of attack magic) spells.

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