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    Phoenix Down

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    Mommy, why couldn't they just use a Phoenix Down on Aeris?

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    The down of the phoenix is a standard item from the Final Fantasy series. The item, not to be confused with a potion that revives "downed" allies, is actually a bundle of feathers that can be used on a fallen party member to bring them back to life, usually with a small amount of hit points. They are widely available, and may be purchased at most stores or won after fighting some enemies.

    Effects on the Undead

    Phoenix Down has the special effect of being able to destroy undead such as ghosts or zombies. This opposite effect is similar to the application of healing spells on undead, which harm them. One notable example is the Phantom Train from Final Fantasy VI: a lengthy fight with this paranormal mass transit vehicle can be finished quickly by using a single Phoenix Down. 


    Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes has a Phoenix Feather that revives you after death once per battle, with 25% of Max HP.

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