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Brilliant ending to a trilogy 1

Over the course of the past few years I have come to love the Ace Attorney series. The crazy cast of anime characters and ridiculous occurrences of the franchise are jam packed with charm, giving the series a unique sense of style. Trials and Tribulations made no change in the way the game is played, but somehow it still managed to captivate me just as much as the previous two games in the series. If you didn’t like the previous games in the series then you most certainly won’t like this one eit...

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Dark and Bittersweet, Like My 17th Mug of Coffee. 1

Trials And Tribulations is the third game in the Ace Attorney series, and gives us another peek into the world of the Wright & Co Law Offices. It's a courtroom drama like no other, where every case is a murder of highly suspect circumstance, the courts are decided without Jury on a penalty system and you; Phoenix Wright, have at your disposal helpers with psychic powers. The games are divided into two segments, a courtroom portion where the defense does legal battle with the prosecution, and...

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Trials and Tribulations builds upon what the past games started. 0

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations is the sequel to Justice for All and also the last game in the original Phoenix-focused trilogy. It picks up one year after the events in Justice For All, at least when you get to play as Phoenix that is. The biggest change to Trials and Tribulations is noticeable right from there start – playing as different defense attorneys for a change. The first of five cases has you playing a younger version of Mia Fey, Phoenix's deceased mentor. This tu...

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Phoenix Wright series saves the best for last 0

The Phoenix Wright series of the Ace Attorney franchise has certainly felt like a strange squeeze onto the DS considering there's very little that's new compared to the original gameboy advance iterations. It seems only the first game had a bonus act that used the DS to its nearly full capacity, while both Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations lack these bonus features.However, if you had played the previous games this episode in the Phoenix Wright series completely wraps up the game serie...

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Pangster007 PW: AA, T & T Review 0

There is one franchise that has me captivated on the NDS this generation and that is Phoenix Wright. Granted, the games were originally on the GBA, but the additions made possible by the NDS make the games worth playing all over again. What was it that kept me hooked on the series? I think it's all down to the characters' development and personalities, the quality of the script, the unique gameplay mechanics and above all, the humour. First, i'll say that the second Phoenix Wright was a slight...

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On Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations 0

          I'm not a big fan of alternative control methods. These days, it seems like everyone's going crazy for touch screens and motion controls, but all I really want to do when I'm playing a game is to slump onto my couch with a regular old gamepad. It's part of why I tend to get confused and frustrated when I hear people talking about the iPhone like it's the next great gaming platform; I just can't think of many touchscreen games that I would ever have any interest in playing. Maybe if ...

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