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    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    Game » consists of 17 releases. Released Oct 11, 2001

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney follows a young attorney as he struggles to find his footing and live up to the legacy his mentor left him. Along the way, he encounters a cast of eccentric characters and tough cases.

    drac96's Ace Attorney Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes (Wii) review

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    The longest case in the series!

    The original Phoenix Wright games were for Gameboy Advance in Japan. They were eventually ported to Nintendo DS and released across all regions. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney received an extra case when it was ported to the DS called Rise from the Ashes. This bonus case utilized the additional capabilities of the DS to add a bunch of new gameplay elements. This case was not included with the Wiiware release of the game, but was added later as an optional download.

    Rise from the Ashes may be one of the best cases in the series, if not the best. I may be mistaken, but I feel safe in saying that it’s the longest case in the whole series. It takes place after the final case of the original game. Phoenix has proven victorious and Maya has left for spirit training. The case begins when Ema Skye visits Wright and Co. Law offices. Her sister has been accused of Murder and she needs a defense attorney. The interesting part about this case is that two murders happened in the exact same fashion in two places. In this case you’ll meet many exciting characters, but that’s standard fare for the Ace Attorney series. Where this case differs the most is in the gameplay.

    Just like the rest of the game Phoenix will need to investigate areas and speak with people involved with the case in order to gain information and evidence. This is done the same as in the main game, but Phoenix has some new evidence gathering tricks up his sleeve. Ema Skye takes Maya’s place as Phoenix’s assistant in this case and it just so happens she’s a forensic scientist. Early on in the case she’ll give Phoenix luminal fluid, which can be used to search for washed away blood stains. Using the fluid allows for the player to spray around the crime scene with the Wii-mote until a blood stain appears. This allows for more information to be gathered at the crime scene.

    Another new gameplay element is the ability to search for fingerprints. In certain story sequences you will have to choose an area to search for fingerprints. Using the Wii-mote powder can be sprinkled over the area. Shaking the Wii-mote will get rid of the powder, leaving a fingerprint behind. Once you have the fingerprint you will need to try to match it against everyone you’ve met so far. This allows for even more evidence.

    These two new investigation techniques may not seem like much, but they vary the gameplay quite a bit. The Phoenix Wright games were very similar in gameplay, so it’s refreshing to see some new content in this case. It gives the player more interaction with the game in fun ways. I find it odd that they only added this type of interaction to the first game though. It seems like a missed opportunity for the series.

    This case also utilizes the improved graphical capabilities of the DS. At one point in the case there is a videotape that must be reviewed. Everything that happens is rendered in full 3d and animates quite well. It would have been cool to see this in the following Phoenix Wright games, but I was content to see it here.

    Rise from the Ashes is an excellent case. It has memorable characters and a great overarching plot. The addition of the new gameplay mechanics make this case even better. If you have Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on Wiiware it’s hard to pass up this add-on when it only costs a dollar.

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