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    A Protoss anti-air flying unit. Capable of lifting enemy units off the ground, rendering it useless.Stats

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    A pair of Phoenix harassing a Zerg worker line
    A pair of Phoenix harassing a Zerg worker line

    The Phoenix is a Protoss air superiority ship that is only capable of attacking other air units. It is equipped with an ability that allows it to lift up enemy ground units into the air, allowing it to be attacked by friendly anti-air units and preventing the enemy unit from escaping or attacking back. Like other Protoss ships, it is built from the Stargate.

    Equipped with twin ion blasters, the Phoenix has become the primary air superiority fighter of the Protoss, replacing older fighters like the Scout and the Corsair. As an air superiority unit, the Phoenix is adept at intercepting enemy fighters such as Vikings or Banshees, but it has difficulty with heavy armor air units such as Battlecruisers.


    Built FromStargate
    Mineral Cost150
    Gas Cost100
    Supply Cost2 Psi
    Built Time35 sec
    Hit Points120
    Shield Points60
    Sight Range10
    Damage5 (+5 vs light)
    Attack Range5 (7 with upgrade)
    Movement Speed4.25


    • A popular strategy involving the Phoenix is to send a couple to harass the enemy's workers. If the Phoenix harass hits before the enemy has a lot of anti-air the damage done to their economy will be significant.


    A Phoenix using the Overload ability
    A Phoenix using the Overload ability
    • When the Phoenix was first demonstrated it possessed an ability called Overload that was capable of destroying all air units that were in the vicinity.
    • In pre-release builds of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty the Phoenix was capable of attacking both air and ground units similar to the Scout in the original game.

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