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    Piastol is a bounty hunter who specializes in Air Pirates. She is exclusive to Skies of Arcadia Legends.

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    My name is Piastol. I am a bounty hunter. And I specialize in finishing off Air Pirates! I am feared amongst even the most hardened Air Pirates. They have dubbed me... the Angel of Death!

    First time, she meets Vyse and his gang

    Piastol is a young bounty hunter who appears exclusively in the Nintendo GameCube game Skies of Arcadia Legends. She has a deep rooted hatred for all pirates, who she claimed attacked her ship and killed her father. She primarily hates Vyse and Aika, who at a young age appeared on her ship during the event. She is fought up to four times as part of a side-quest exclusive to the game.

    Story (How she believed it to be)

    Young Aika & Young Piastol
    Young Aika & Young Piastol

    Piastol was the eldest daughter of Mendosa, an admiral in the Valuan Armada years before the events of Skies of Arcadia. The ship, the Aquila, was in flames one night when she was very young. One of the first things she saw was the Albatross, the ship captained by Vyse's father. She thought the ship was attacking hers so when she runs to find a life boat, she encounters a young Aika came on deck to search for survivors. Aika had no weapons, but Piastol hated her, believing that she had set the ship aflame and threw her knife at her. However, Vyse had intervened and protected Aika, Piastol's knife giving Vyse a scar underneath his eye. With her father dead and her sister missing, she vowed revenge on all pirates, regardless of whether they're Blue Rogues or Black Pirates.

    The Actual Story

    After some progression in the Moonfish side quest and in the Piastol side quest, Aika and Doc will reveal more of what really happened when the Aquila was set ablaze. Doc first begins that Mendosa took a young Ramirez under his wing after finding him in a strange ship that had crashed, and that Ramirez was a close friend of his. Ramirez had grown to trust Mendosa very much, but after meeting Galcian, Ramirez's trust would soon die. In the Piastol side quest, the "Angel of Death" will tell Vyse and Aika about how the Albatross attacked the Aquila, but Aika tells her that they did not set the fire to the ship. The Albatross was there to help them because they were passing by at the time. The reason Aika had no weapon at the time was because she carelessly believed it to be only a rescue mission. She regrets that Vyse was hurt because of her. Piastol refuses to believe her, however, and continues to fight them.

    After more progression in the Moonfish side quest and in the Piastol side quest, Doc tells Vyse and company about how Ramirez found out that Mendosa was corrupted. Mendosa also tried to kill Ramirez for finding out, but Ramirez was so distraught at this betrayal that he ends up killing every single one of them. When Doc finds Ramirez, the Aquila was in flames. He tells Ramirez that they have to get off this ship, but Ramirez tells Doc that the Ramirez he knew is dead. He died the moment he drew this sword. Doc grabs Maria and leaves on a lifeboat as Ramirez leaves to find Galcian. And that was how the ship had really been set on fire, and that's how her father was killed. Doc also tells them that he regrets not being able to save Maria's older sister, Piastol, which greatly shocks everyone.

    However, Piastol is unaware of this. In time, she became a bounty hunter; primarily going after pirates in a noble attempt to avenge her father's death. She became known as "The Angel of Death", sending black letters written in red ink to her targets; challenging them to fight her. Early into the game she sends one to Vyse, both don't immediately recognize each other. After defeating her the first time, she notices the scar and vows to kill him. After each match, she tells more about her story and her hate until Vyse and company can piece together what had really transpired that night. Even then, she will think that Vyse and his friends are lying until the side quest is completed. As it turns out, Piastol only didn't want to believe it because she didn't want to believe that her whole life was wasted on this quest for vengeance, that it was all a lie. Eventually, she believes Vyse and goes in search for her younger sister.

    Piastol and Maria reunite
    Piastol and Maria reunite

    Maria, a girl who is so traumatized that she can no longer speak, does not know that they are related, since she was a baby at the time. After the last battle with her, and after the Moonfish side quest is complete, the two are finally reunited.

    As an opponent...

    Piastol uses primarily Eterni spells, which have the abilities to instantly "kill" a party member. They become stronger with every fight, with a greater chance of an instant kill. She also wields a scythe as a weapon and is accompanied by a single Deathhound in her party. Her primarily uses spells under the Green moon to either heal Piastol or poison members of the party. Its regular attack also causes Fatigue, which will prevent a party member from restoring SP. The dog will go down more easily than Piastol, though. Take note, however, that this Angel of death gets stronger as you get stronger, and she will be more powerful with each fight.


    *These are only assumed to be S-moves because they are certainly not magic or regular attacks, otherwise Aika's "Delta Shield" or Vyse's "Skull Shield" would deflect them.

    • Tempest Dance - The animation of this move gets longer and longer with each fight, Piastol slicing with her scythe and kicking, attacking at strange angles and yelling all the while. Before executing this move, she will say "En Guarde", the way she usually says it at the beginning of each battle. She is very graceful and dance-like with this technique, hence the "Dance" part of the name. Piastol uses this move as much as Ramirez will use "Silver Eclipse", so it is definitely a favorite move of hers. She will often use this move on Vyse. This move will get stronger with each fight.
    • Deluge - Piastol will jump into the air and throw knives at everyone. It is quite similar to when she tried to throw a knife at Aika when she was younger. It deals less damage than "Tempest Dance", but it hits everyone and does adequate damage. She will only start using this move in the third fight, and it gets more powerful with each fight.

    Piastol's Eterni-based spells should not be a huge problem so long as Aika uses "Delta Shield" every turn. Of course, it will be a problem if Aika dies, but it is not the end of the fight if the player is prepared with Fina and Enrique.


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