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    Pick Pocketing appears in many games as a way of obtaining information, items, or cash from people.

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    Pickpocking is an action used mostly in Role Playing Games that steals either money or items from a Non-Player Character (NPC). The chance of success of pickpocketing usually relies on several factors, including how hidden the player is, lighting, and the player's statistics in skills and attributes related to pickpocketing. An unsuccessful pickpocket may turn the NPC hostile to the player. If the player is in a town, the town may turn against the player as well, resulting in an arrest and or fine by guards, or the aforementioned may turn hostile, attacking the player with no chance for redemption. When successful, the player may attain a bad reputation, in the form of moving to the bad side of the good/bad/neutral alignment quotient.

    Reverse Pickpocketing

    Reverse pickpocketing is when the player opens up an NPC's inventory through pickpocketing and places an item on the player. This may be done to plant evidence on the NPC in order to frame them for a crime, or in a game such as Fallout 3, to place explosives on the NPC to kill or wound them. It can also be used to steal an item such as armor from an NPC, while planting a substitute item so as to not be detected. In Fallout 3, when this is done, the armor has to have better damage resistance than the stolen item or else the player will be detected.


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