Picross 3D

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    A three-dimensional take on the classic game of Picross that challenges players with managing three axes rather than only two.

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    Picross 3D? YES!

    I've always loved puzzles.  Way back, in the beginning of time, I had to enjoy puzzles from these things called books and magazines.  It was a difficult time to be a puzzle fan.  No stylus (we had to use our fingers with a pencil...archaic!), no colorful graphics (just black...and...white, oh the joy!), and no cool sound effects (just the occasional "Dammit!" for having to erase the same space for the umpteenth time and leaving a hole where there was once paper.  No, the puzzle fans of old didn't have it so easy; however, thanks to PIcross 3D, we still don't have it so easy, but it is so much more fun.
    When I first purchased my Nintendo DS, I got Brain Training 1...who didn't?  I tired pretty quickly of the main focus of the game, yet I really liked the Sudoku portion.  I solved every puzzle.  But, after a while, it felt more like the old school puzzlin' as opposed to anything "new school".  I still went searching for a game dedicated only to Sudoku and that's when I found Picross DS.  I loved Picross DS.  It was fun and offered colorful rewards for completing the puzzles.  I completely finished the game.  Then, I started having withdrawals, so I started downloading the online puzzle packs.  Even though, they were on the simple/boring side, I finished most of those as well.
    And that brought me to Picross 3D.  Wow.  I have fallen in love yet again.  This game is even more fun, challenging, and rewarding than Picross DS.  It's everything I loved about Picross times ten.  It starts off slow to familiarize you with the details of playing the game and it does it in a fun and enjoyable way that makes you feel like you're playing the game and not simply learning how to play.  It's just a really great way to introduce players to the new mechanics and rules.
    The puzzles start out easy and work their way up to really hard.  Yet, completing the puzzles still feels obtainable if you just give it one more go.  Who needs sleep when you can be solving Picross 3D puzzles?!?!  And the reward of having your "sculpted" item come to life  never gets old.  I've also tried the downloadable packs and they are much better than the Picross DS downloads.  Which means they are definitely worth solving.
    I can't recommend this game enough.  It is a total package for puzzle fans and I think even non-puzzlers will find a nice experience here.  It has great and great looking puzzles and lots of them, a fun introduction where the fun is maintained throughout the game, and nice downloadable content to extend your enjoyment.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this game at $29.99, but I have to demand that you pick it up at $19.99.  It's rare to get so much enjoyment at such small price.  Pick it up.  Now!  What are you doing still reading this?  I'm serious!  Go on...Git!  And enjoy.

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