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One of the Best Examples of a DS Game to Date.

Picross 3D is one of the few games that takes advantage of the system its on in an amazing way, and keeps me wanting more. 
Game Play: The game play here is simple: destroy and paint blocks. These blocks belong to an initial bigger shape, and as you destroy and paint these blocks from the bigger shape, an object within the initial shape is relieved.  The final object is not fully relieved until you have destroyed all the blocks that do not belong to the object; numbers on the rows and columns of the initial shape give you clues as to which blocks need to be destroyed and painted. Simple.  
The game also includes a great tutorial which slowly introduces you to the concepts behind the game, and actually forces you to do the tutorials and example shapes to make sure you know how to play the game before progressing. The game has hundreds of puzzles ranging from Beginner (which take 1 - 2 minutes) all the way to Expert puzzles which take a lot longer. The short nature of these puzzles also make it a perfect mobile game, so if you just want to do a couple to pass the time or sit down for an hour it fills both needs.
Graphics: The graphics are good for a DS game. Nothing really special other than the way they are able to display objects just using square blocks. Clean and simple art style; it fits the game nicely.  
Story: There is none to speak of, but then again this is purely a puzzle game so most people won't be expecting one. There are theme however, so theres a flying machine theme, dog theme, etc. which as you progress through the levels fills in the theme pages to reveal all of the puzzles which you have solved. A Trophy Room thing if you will... 
Sound: Much like the graphics the game keeps the sounds clean and simple. They have effective snip-its of music which play when you complete a puzzle. And when you delete a block that you weren't supposed to the game has effective sounds to let you know you did something wrong. 
Overall: This is one of the best DS game released to date. Most third party games on the DS struggle to incorporate the controls in any natural way, but this game really couldn't exist on any other platform. With dozens of hours of content initially with the game, plus with the online feature which allows you to share self-made puzzles with others, this is an amazing game. I would have considered myself an off and on DS player up until this point, but with this game, I believe I will be using it a lot more often now. If you are or know anyone who owns a DS and sometimes wonders why, tell them to check out this game, it will make their DS one of their regularly used devices. 

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