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    Picross NP

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Apr 01, 1999

    A Picross puzzle game distributed over Nintendo's Nintendo Power cart-writing service in eight parts. Each part focused on a different Nintendo property.

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    Following the success of Mario no Super Picross on the Super Famicom, Nintendo decided to reuse the basic engine from that game to develop a series of Picross titles for distribution over their Nintendo Power cart-writing service in Japan - the "NP" in the title refers to Nintendo Power. There were a total of eight volumes in the series released on a bi-monthly basis from April 1999 to June 2000. Each volume includes a substantial number of puzzles of varying sizes and difficulty. A large number of these puzzles would later be rereleased as downloadable content for Picross DS. The puzzle solving gameplay of the titles is nearly identical to that of their direct predecessor Mario no Super Picross just with minor changes in the presentation. Notably, Mario and Wario are no longer featured as guides through the game modes. Also, the stone chiseling archeologist motif that was present in the previous titles has been dropped in favor of a simple pen-on-paper style.


    The basic puzzle solving mechanics and gameplay have carried over from Nintendo’s other Picross title. The puzzles involve a square grid of cells where the player must determine which cells should be colored in (or in the case of this game chiseled away) and which should be left blank. Numbers along the top and left side of the grid indicate the number and size of unbroken lines of filled in cells there are in the given row or column that are separated by at least one blank cell. For instance, if a row has the numbers “2 5 4”, that means that there are from left to right, a group of two colored in cells, a group of five colored in cells, and a group of four colored in cells, with all other cells being left blank and at least one blank cell between each group. Players are given the ability to mark cells with an “X” that should be left blank.

    There are four basic variations on the gameplay, two of which were inherited directly from Mario no Super Picross. In one mode, the player is challenged to complete the puzzles within a certain time limit with mistakes resulting in a time-loss penalty. In another mode, players are timed to see how long it takes them to complete a puzzle. There is no penalty for mistakes, but the player is not told when mistakes are made which can present a unique challenge. The first of the two new modes offered is a free mode which allows players to complete a puzzle at their own pace. There is also a new multiplayer mode where two players work on the same puzzle simultaneously with the number of correct spaces filled in by each player tracked as a means of scoring.

    Character Mode

    Each volume of Picross NP has a Character Mode that contains 12 puzzles based on images of characters from a particular Nintendo game or franchise. The following is a list of the game or franchise featured in each volume and the characters used in each puzzle.

    Volume 1: Pokémon

    Meowth, Mr. Mime, Psyduck, Clefairy Doll, Togepi, Electrode, Gloom, Pikachu, Zapdos, Rapidash, Poliwag, Snorlax

    Volume 2: Yoshi's Story

    Piranha Pest, Cheep Cheep, Poochie, Egg, Jellyfish, Miss Warp, Yoshi, Shy Guy, Sea Anemone, Blaarg, Boo, Baby Bowser

    Volume 3: Kirby

    Rocky, Mike, Gordo, Waddle Doo, Sir Kibble, Poppy Bros. Jr., Kirby, Chilly, Butterfingers, Mr. Frosty, King Dedede, Meta-Knight

    Volume 4: Star Fox 64

    Slippy Toad, Pigma Dengar, Fox McCloud, Andrew Oikonny, Wolf O'Donnell, Falco Lombardi, Leon Powalski, Peppy Hare, Landmaster, Arwing, Great Fox, Andross

    Volume 5: Ocarina of Time

    Navi, Fairy Ocarina, Keaton Mask, Fairy Slingshot, Gaebora Kaepora, Princess Zelda, Link, Princess Ruto, Epona, Darunia, Deku Scrub, Ganondorf

    Volume 6: Super Mario 64

    Goomba, Grinder, Toad, Lakitu, Princess Peach, Bully, Koopa Troopa, Mario, Mother & Baby Penguin, Whomp, Wiggler, Bowser

    Volume 7: Wario Land 2

    Stove, Pirate Goom, D-Batto, Punch, Tsuriuo, Inamazu, Chef, Hikitsune, Captain Syrup, Wario, Chuuta, Biggu Kamukamu,

    Volume 8: Donkey Kong Country

    DK Barrel, Squawks the Parrot, Banana, Winky the Frog, Funky Kong, Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, Candy Kong, Expresso the Ostrich, Engarde the Swordfish, Donkey Kong, Rambi the Rhino


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