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Super Mario Bros. 2

Pidgits first appeared in level 1-2 of Super Mario Bros. 2, and whenever encountered in the game repeat a pattern of hovering from left to right on their magic carpet before trying to swoop down and hit the player character. If the player jumps onto their heads, they can lift and throw them off of their carpet, and use the carpet to fly around the level for a limited amount of time. This may have also inspired the better-known Lakitu enemy seen in later Mario games, who rode on a magic cloud which could be stolen from them and used to fly through levels in a similar way.

Pidgit Bills

The Pidgits later made an appearance in Super Mario World, where if the player can complete all levels in the game's "Special World", the Bullet Bill enemies become "Pidgit Bills". Essentially this simply switches a sprite in the game, so that Pidgits are shot out of cannons at Mario instead of Bullet Bills. Pidgits who fly on magic carpets, but bear a basic resemblance to Pidgit Bills can also be found at the end of Super Princess Peach.

Other Appearances

Pidgits make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee where not only can a trophy be obtained of them, but players can also encounter them flying back and forth on their magic carpets on the stage Mushroom Kingdom II. Here the Pidgits' magic carpets are 3D, but the Pidgits themselves are simply a 2D sprite taken from the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 2.

Pidgits may have made an appearance in Wario's Woods, as an enemy called a "Black Bat" appears in the game, which is almost identical to the Pidgits, however, it is possible they are not the same creature. The most recent appearance of the Pidgits was in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time where their attack consists of their classic swooping, however, they occasionally pause during their attack pattern in an attempt to make the player mistime their dodge.

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