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    Pierce Washington

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    Introduced as one of the gang lieutenants in Saints Row 2, Pierce is now a mainstay protagonist in the series. He loves to sing.

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    Pierce is one of the lieutenants recruited by the player in Saints Row 2. Alongside Shaundi, he returns in Saints Row: The Third. Pierce's place within the gang remains the same, though his look has been redesigned to accomodate the gang's celebrity status.

    Saints Row 2

    During Saints Row 2, Pierce is introduced to the player as one of their three lieutenants. Like Dex in the original game, Pierce is shown to be the brains of the group, rather than the brawn. Pierce is shown to have an interest in music, and during the course of the story can be heard to rap along to a Ne-Yo song. Pierce is voiced by US actor Arif S. Kinchen.

    Saints Row: The Third

    Pierce's appearance is revised in Saints Row 3, to reflect the gang's rising status as celebrities. Pierce appears in some Japanese commercials for the gang products. One of these ads is for the 'Saints Flow' energy drink, and is played at the game's opening. Pierce's singing becomes more acceptable to the boss during this game, and the two sing along to 'What I Got' by Sublime during an early mission.

    Saints Row IV

    Pierce makes yet another appearance in Saints Row IV. He plays a fairly major role in the game, as he is one of the members of the gang that The Boss must rescue so that he can take down Zimyak. His loyalty mission takes place inside a world where mascots advertising Saints Flow are taking over the world. At the end of the mission The Boss must fight a giant Saints Flow mascot, named Paul.

    In one of the game's missions, while Pierce and The Boss are driving, they reprise their sing-a-long. While driving to the docks, they sing Paula Abdul's "Opposite's Attract". Pierce raps the MC Skat Kat part, while The Boss sings Paula's part. Earlier in the game, The Boss tries to get Kinzie to sing the same song, but she adamantly refuses. In the same mission, on their way to the Nuke Plant, they sing Biz Markie's "Just a Friend". They are abruptly interrupted by Zimyak, who starts singing while cutting off Biz's part. Pierce suggests that they sing once more on their last stop, but The Boss refuses.


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