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Pigsy is one of the AI Companions that journeys with Monkey and Trip in order to destroy the Slavers in the game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. For what he lacks in physical strength, fitness and charm, he makes up for in handiness, gadgets and comic relief. Some of his main abilities are grappling, throwing bombs, sniping and uttering the odd inappropiate comment. Pigsy has a bizarre obsession with pigs and has decorated his person with swine-related trinkets and piercings. His passion is junk, he likes big mechs and admires their power.  He also has a secret love for Trip. 

Pigsy's Perfect 10

Pigsy was the star of his own DLC entitled Pigsy's Perfect 10 for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. In it, the player assumes the role of the isolated swine before he came across Monkey and Trip
The story begins with Pigsy longing for companionship, preferably that of a woman (real or mechanical). After coming to the conclusion that he will build his own best friend, he and his flying robotic ally, Truffles, embark on their own odyssey to recover the pieces necessary to build Pigsy's "Perfect 10".  
The gameplay in Pigsy's Perfect 10 is drastically different than Enslaved. While Monkey is acrobatic and fit for battle, Pigsy is... less than agile and goes down easily in a fight. For those reasons, he relies heavily on his gadgets, grappling hook and "Lulu", his trusty sniper rifle. Instead of climbing and jumping as the platforming mechanics, Pigsy must use his grappling hook to reach higher areas and to avoid mechs. And if you do happen to run into some, you'll spend most of your combat time hiding behind cover and throwing/ using Pigsy's handy gadgets.  
Pigsy's Gadgets
  • Decoy - A hologram of a dancing Pigsy which can be thrown and draws the attention of turrets, gunner and melee mechs that aren't close enough to see him.
  • EMP - A throwable EMP bomb which deactives any mech within its range for several seconds.
  • Love Bomb - A bomb that, when activated, turns most enemies into allies. This bomb must be placed by Pigsy and not thrown.
  • Bomb - Old-school mayhem. A bomb that must be placed by Pigsy and when activated, goes boom.
Lucky for Pigsy, he also has a short range EMP device on his wrist, just in case any threat of close-quarters combat occurs. It does have a long recharge time and should not be relied upon for large fights.  

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