I've started playing this. Any advice to make it more fun?

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It's not really grabbing me, to be honest. I've gone through the first two area the first time, and I enjoy the game when I'm just wandering around, but when it comes to using specific Pikmin it loses me. The RTS-lite aspect of it is clumsy, at best, and trying to create the different Pikmin seems to require going back underground to find the flowers that transform them. My biggest problem is how slow it all is. It feels as if the day goes by too fast compared to how quickly you can harvest items/flowers and advance yourself in the world. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a quicker way to create new Pikmin? Or is it purposefully slow? If that's the case, I'll just adjust to it, because I do plan on finishing it.

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Play naked and gently stimulate yourself with fruit and vegetables whenever you feel yourself getting bored. Also every time you create a Pikmin, drink.

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/thread I guess :D

I have only played the first one but it's deliberately slow. You're supposed to manage your time and plan what to do within a day. Get something or prepare an area for the next day.

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@The_Nubster: I find the first one way better and more focused.

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@AlisterCat: As far as I can tell, this one doesn't have a time limit, so there might be a lack of focus in that area. I'm okay with slow games, but maybe 'aimless' is a better word. I feel like nothing is really happening.

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@The_Nubster: There is less urgency but the main problem I have is the complete shift in tone. It had a slightly serious and peaceful, natural tone in the first. The second feels more artificial, man made, slapstick, minature (you see real world things far too often and even levels set on desks etc). Just personal preference I guess. Also, it was easier to keep up with the simplified RTS style units when there were less of them and less use cases in the first.

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@the_nubster: So did you end up enjoying the game? I'm replaying it after not touching it for about nine or eight years myself. I think the beginning part is pretty slow since you're trying to get all the types of Pikmin, but I find it gets interesting once you get out of the tutorial-izing stuff. I have a lot more fun when I put in a whole bunch of effort in collecting as much treasure as I can in one day, despite some trial-and-error annoyance.

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@the_nubster: I may be mistaken, but I believe you can still use your white/purple pikmin to multiply with pellets and enemies above ground (they carry them to your ship). If I remember correctly, they're sort of deliberately limited in the early parts of the game.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the first game stick with it. Personally I much prefer the structure and level design of Pikmin 2.

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