What do you want in Pikmin 3?

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Going from Pikmin to Pikmin 2, I feel like it was a dramatic leap in quality, similar to L4D to L4D2. While the first one was pretty good, the second one improved on it in all the right ways. With its emphasis on underground sequences which were timeless, to the Purple and White Pikmin I feel that everything about that game was atleast twice as good as its predecessor. 
Now Pikmin 3 is upon us, and I have to ask, what can they do now? Would more colors be a good addition or is that just too rote? Will the worlds be revisits of old worlds? I mean, it worked really well in the last game as they were spruced up to the point where they were practically unrecognizable. I'd love to see a spruced up Forest Naval and Valley of Repose as the 2 worlds that were not rehashes. Perhaps they could add an opposite to caves and have tree sequences where you climb a tree. Maybe their could be a speed element to the transversal of these sequences to contrast against the OCD of treasure hunting in caves. 
Personally, I think the best possibility for simple expansion is to expand on the idea of the Bulbmin. The warrior who is not a Pikmin, but in fact has a relative of the Pikmin lodged in the brain of a beast.  There could be something to that if you spent two, five years defining it. Maybe you have it so that you find the relative, manifesting as a skinless Pikmin, and you throw them onto (into?) your mark. I'd be into the idea that since Pikmin have gotten powerful due tot he events of Pikmin 2, having a parasite in your head has become a good defensive strategy. Plus, it could be a lot of fun, imagine Snagretmin. You could control a fucking bird snake. How awesome would that be?
Maybe you could argue that in the first one it didn't work on the biggest guy, you had to kill him anyway. This is true, but that does not kill the idea, only makes it better. Why couldn't having enemies that serve as generals work? It's the one enemy Olimar has never really had to fight, a peer. Someone who works just like he does. Plus, you get his soldiers if you win. 
That's what I got, what do you guys reckon will be the things? 
(Also, we don't have wiki entries for any of the worlds, Bulbmin, or Snagrets or I would've linked to them for folk who don't remember. I'd resolve this, but I don't want to)

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Hmm, i kinda enjoyed Pikmin, got 2 and didn't end up playing much, maybe an hour or so? 
Guess i'll get back to ya on this one when i finally get around to playing it.
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@Tarsier said:
" dont get your hopes up man. its probably just going to be pikmin 2 but you have to shake the wii mote to pluck pikmin. "
HAHA... this made me laugh.  If this is the case for the next Pikmin game I would not be surprised.
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Pikmin 2 with more treasures and co-op. I would say online co-op but its nintendo...

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@Tarsier: To be honest, Pikmin 2 was fantastic and I wouldn't be too bummed out if they just iterated on that for a bit. However, Pikmin 1 to Pikmin 2 was such a leap that I would be willing to guess that they've thought a lot about its sequel. 
Also, Wii mote controls will probably be in it, but that's not worth mentioning honestly. I will only be impressed with them if there is a classic controller or Gamecube option. Let's not forget that Nintendo fucked up the C-Stick with Pikmin in mind, so it's genuinely fantastic for it.
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I get this incredibly strong feeling that you're being sarcastic.

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#7 Posted by TheMasterDS (2919 posts) -
@Tarsier: Well they dramatically improved the structure, removing the time mechanic for a start. Second they put in the underground sequences which were real good from an OCD perspective, and finally the Purple and White Pikmin rounded out the pack well, being valuable and just a tiny bit hard to get. 
The game was a leap in the way L4D to L4D2 is a leap I will admit, in that it is more than an rote iteration. It expands upon the ideas of the first in all the right ways.  
As for graphics, that really doesn't factor into my thoughts at all. They're perfectly fine. 

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