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    The Pikmin series followers recurring character Captain Olimar as he travels to a planet far from his homeworld, and how he utilizes indigenous creatures he calls Pikmin for their physical likeness to Pik-pik carrots.

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    The first Pikmin centered around Olimar and his struggle to survive using Pikmin to find his missing pieces for his ship, "The Dolphin," he must find all of the parts within 30 days or he will die from the toxin in the planet's oxygen.

    Pikmin was released in 2001 for GameCube.

    Pikmin 2

    The second game in the Pikmin franchise stars a new character along with Olimar, his name is Louie.

    Pikmin 2 was released in 2004 for GameCube.

    Pikmin 3

    A third Pikmin was announced by game legend Shigeru Miyamoto at the Developer's Round Table at E3 2008. At the time, no details were announced about the game besides that Nintendo is currently working on it.

    At E3 2012 at the Nintendo Press Conference, Pikmin 3 was the first game they showed for the Wii U. It will be released in the launch window of the Wii U and will be more in-depth than previous entries.

    Pikmin 4

    Originally hinted at in 2015, Pikmin 4 was finally slated for release in 2023.


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