Should I finish PoE First?

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So I have PoE on PC but I only got like 6 hours into it? I enjoyed it but I didn't know if its worth it pushing to finish that game first before just jumping right into PoE2. Seeing that the game is fully voice acted made me kind of want to play it now but then I figured I should also just get back to the first...just looking for advice :D

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play deadfire. You can create your own history when you start a new game or choose one of the presents. Deadfire is a better game in every respect and the new locale does enough to separate itself from the first game's narrative. If you fall in love with the world with deadfire, you can always go back.

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It is a long game. If you could only play the first one for 6 hours, then consider skipping this, saving you the time and money.

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I bought PoE2; it had a strong start (and seems to have fixed a lot of issues from the first game), but then I read about all the bugs (duh, it's Obsidian; I should've known). So I decided to put it aside while those get fixed and finally finish off PoE, to see what I missed and to have a complete save file to import. I had 67 hours in it across two saves but never got beyond the start of the Act III. So I started a new character and am having a blast; just dealt with Raedric and have reached Defiance Bay.

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PoE is really good regardless of the quality of the sequel. Personally, I plan on finally finishing the original first so that Deadfire will be a bit cheaper and less buggy by the time I'm ready to jump in.

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Just play deadfire unless you have an excess of time to play both. You can build your choices to import in the options, and they also have some pretty good prebuilt things that apply to different personalities of a character if you don't want to spend 15 minutes researching the context of every choice.

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This is a very direct continuation and in a series that is swimming in lore it wants you to have a decent grasp on already.

Also the first 30 seconds of this game will spoil the shit out of Pillars 1...It's hard for me to recommend just jumping to the sequel immediately.

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I’m in the process of finishing PoE to begin on 2. Been playing it at a very slow pace of roughly two years haha. But I have about 45 hours with probably at least another 5 hours left. Going to skip White March for now. But if you’re only 6 hours in it probably is going to take you a long time to get through. You could maybe power through the story on easy or something. But you’ll still probably have 20+ hours to get through.

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I got 30 hours into PoE, then dropped off it and didn't finish it.

I'm playing PoEII at the moment and it's fine not having finished PoE. I don't really remember too much of the story from the original anyway, it does a good enough job re-capping, and the Deadfire setting is enough of its own, new thing that it works independently of PoE.

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