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    Pilotwings Resort

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 27, 2011

    Pilotwings Resort is a flight simulation video game for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console, developed by Monster Games and published by Nintendo. Similarly to its predecessors, it was confirmed as a launch title in North America and Europe.

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    Flying a plane
    Flying a plane

    Pilotwings Resort is a flight sim developed by Monster Games and published by Nintendo. It is a the third game in the Pilotwings series after Pilotwings for the SNES and Pilotwings 64 for the Nintendo 64. It features 39 missions over 5 difficulty levels, similar to the structure of the two previous games in the franchise. The missions involve the piloting of various vehicles, including a biplane, a rocket belt, a hang glider and 4 mission specific vehicles (turbo jet, squirrel suit, pedal glider and super rocket belt). There is also a timed free-play mode that allows the player to explore Wuhu Island to find collectible extras, similar to the flight mini-game in Wii Sports Resort. According to the game's website, there are hundreds of collectibles scattered around the island, including 3D models of the aircraft and landmarks of the island.

    Pilotwings was announced at E3 2010 with a playable demo of Plane and Rocket Belt missions. The Hang Gliding missions were announced later on in the cycle.

    Pilotwings is the first 3DS game to use the Wii's "Mii" feature, and takes place on Wuhu Island, the Setting of Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort.


    There are two game types in Pilotwings: Free Flight Mode and Mission Flight Mode.

    Free Flight Mode

    In Free Flight Mode the player is freely allowed to explore Wuhu Island using any aircraft. You can collect Balloons and Stunt Rings which can be used to unlock features, but you're timed.

    Mission Flight Mode

    In Mission Flight Mode the player starts in Training class. After accumulating a sufficient number of stars, the player moves up in class, through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and finally the unlockable Diamond when all the Missions are three starred.

    Each class presents the player with a set of missions for different vehicles in which he must fly through rings, shoot targets, or attempt to successfully land the vehicle on a target.

    Each mission is ranked with stars based on presentation. Three stars with red outlines is the highest achievable rank. High score data is recorded for each mission.


    There are six available vehicles throughout Mission Flight mode. The Squirrel Suit and the Pedal Glider are not available for Free Flight mode. The six vehicles are hang glider, plane, rocket belt, pedal glider, jet plane and squirrel suit.

    Collectibles in Free Flight

    • Balloons: collectibles which differ in color depending on the time of day in game
    • Locations: points of interest on Wuhu Island that can be accessed with any vehicle
    • Stunt locations: certain locations where the player must perform a barrel roll with one of the airplanes
    • Mii statues: wrapped boxes that can only be found while flying in the jetpack

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