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Pilotwings Resort Review 0

In a long needed return the Pilotwings franchise finds its way on to the new Nintendo 3DS. In this game you'll be be utilizing jetpacks, planes, and even a hang glider to complete several different assignments. You'll get to fly all over the island to do so, and there's even a couple of hidden secrets for those willing to go find them.Graphically this game is on par with Wii graphics. It basically looks like they took Wii Sports Resort and removed those games and basically allowed for fly-overs ...

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Pilotwings is the first course to Nintendo's 3DS meal. 0

See this review and others at!Situation:Pilotwings Resort is a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS and one of three by Nintendo. I had no intention of buying the game when I reserved the 3DS. I reluctantly was planning on buying Nintendogs + Cats but after playing a demo kiosk with Pilotwings, I quickly changed my reservation. I figured if I was buying a 3D system I’d like to at least get a game that would let me explore a 3D space. So I got the game at Midnight with the re...

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Decent game 0

 This was the first game i bought on the 3DS, I would definitely recommend it to anyone! It is a very simple game, but it makes great use of the 3D effect, the controls are very good, and it is accurate. There is enough of a challenge there to keep you busy for hours, and i am excited to see what is to come on this system!   I do wish the game had multiplayer. I think it would be really cool to fly around with friends or even do specific multiplayer missions, or even have a free-flight mode ...

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Not trying to do too much, it has never looked better 0

A little known franchise, we had our first helping of Pilotwings on the Super Nintendo. It was one of the first games that I had for my system so I played it an unnatural amount. There is some weird charm that I enjoyed in that game and I must not have been alone. Pilotwings went on to graced the Nintendo 64 and has made its return to mainstream relevance on the 3DS. Pilotwings: Resort takes that same classic Pilotwings gameplay and throws it onto that iconic Nintendo character, Wuhu Island. Sar...

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