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I have most of the tables and I really enjoy plinking around on them and watching the fireworks, but I have yet to make any real progress on any of them other than Mars, which I believe is considered the very easiest one. Does anyone have any good beginner tips? I know how to cradle the ball on one of the flippers so I have time to decide where I want to shoot, but I still can't make shots reliably. Also, what is the best view? I feel like I should be using one of the super zoomed out ones so I can see the whole table, but then sometimes it's hard to make things out, even on a 42" TV.

To give you a better idea of my situation, I just got my avatar award wizard robe last night, but I don't have more than one achievement on any of the tables. I'm a wizard, and that looks fucked up.

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Hold the ball with one flipper, then let go and immediately push up on the left analog stick to nudge the table and pass the ball to the opposite flipper. It's quite useful to know, and it works with every table. You'll see it done several times in this video, which is also a fantastic guide to the Sorcerer's Lair table:

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Watch the videos on YouTube for how to score and gain achievements for a given table. You can pick up all kinds of play tips by watching videos of skilled players.

Another recommendation is to focus on getting skilled at one table at a time. Each table plays differently and you have to learn the tricks and traps of each one. Also read the rules sheet under the help section for each table. They usually describe every aspect of how to get score bonuses, activating kick backs and gaining extra balls.

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