My Custom Pinball FX2 Controller - WIP

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 Hey everyone, check out my lastest project! After getting totally sucked in to Pinball FX 2, I decided to build a custom XBox 360 controller just for pinball.

These are just some shots of test fittings and playability of the case overall. The case itself is built with Poplar. The fit isn't perfect yet, but this is literally the first time since high-school woodworking class that I've done anything beyond cutting a board in half. Some rough sanding with a palm sander should get everything a little more pretty. It will sit on my lap as I play, and I can slap the side buttons for the flippers. You might notice I incorporated the right thumbstick, letting it poke out of a hole to act as the "plunger". I wanted to do something with the left stick and keep it's table-bump function, perhaps attaching weights to it so it would move when you bumped the whole box, but confines are so tight where the pad is mounted that it just wasn't feasible. Luckily in the game you can switch the table-bump function to the D-Pad, and those buttons are right within thumb-reach from the left flipper button. I still need to finish the case in black, then get some art under plexi at the top, and then some chrome edge-protectors and ball-corner protectors on the very top edges.

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#2 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

This is awesome.

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#3 Posted by Phr4nk0 (366 posts) -
@get2sammyb said:
"This is awesome. "

If I had one of these I might actually play some videogame pinball, something about not smashing buttons on the side of a big box takes all the fun out of pinball for me.
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  Sweet... if you are intrested we have a competition at the above link just send a friend request
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#5 Posted by LiQuid3600 (173 posts) -

Pretty boss.  Being able to have some bump function would rule, but given the circumstance it still looks pretty rad.

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#6 Posted by karatetron (701 posts) -


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Nice! Where did you get the concave buttons?

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The larger buttons are standard Happ Pushbuttons, and I purchased them from Lizard Lick Amusements. They're one of the top dealers for arcade parts in the US, and I highly recommend them. I used them before when I created a custom Street Fighter 4 joystick, and their service is great. The smaller buttons are all Sanwas.

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hells yeah! that's the good stuff! 
yeah, i want to take a wired 360 controller and turn it into an arcade control panel with button on the side for pinball.  
kinda like my X-arcade tank stick but without having to put the obscene adapter links between it and the xbox.

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I know eh. People waited so long for X-Arcade to get a 360 adapter, and when they finally come out with it, it's this giant multi-pronged monstrosity that's more trouble than it's worth.

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#11 Posted by beej (1675 posts) -
@Spellbot5000: Incredible work sir.
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#12 Posted by Skald (4444 posts) -

Ooh, neat.

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That's absolutely crazy, nice work. It doesn't look easy to use when it comes to controlling the ability to shake/bump the machine though.

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#14 Posted by EvilGreenDevil (210 posts) -

Nice idea and the wiring looks pretty solid but artwork? Happ buttons fit well and the lit coin slot is a nice touch but man that wood is a sight for sore eyes.

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