This game is like crack!

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Like others, I got hooked on the "free download" aspect and hopped on a demo or two.  It seems that they did their research, because they give you JUST enough demo time to get you hooked, and then you're practically forced to download a table or two.
I picked up the Rocky and Bullwinkle table and can't stop playing.  I logged a few hours over the weekend for a game that I probably would have never purchased if it wasn't for the free "platform" download.  That being said, I wish the tables weren't so expensive, but you've gotta make money, right?
Am I alone in enjoying this?  Are their better tables to pick up than the R&B? Thoughts?

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I am really liking the leader boards and the Super scores even if I am always looking up at someone else. 
Rocky & Bullwinkle looks good but it's one of my least favorite to play. 
Secrets of the Deep is my favorite new table, Agents from the old ones and Street Fighter and Buccaneer out of all the single tables.
I saw someone post a good description of the two packs. They said that the FX tables are more realistic style tables where the FX2 tables are more extravagant flashy tables.

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@quinistheman: I only have the R&B and the Street Fighter tables.  I actually can't figure out the Street Fighter table to save my life.  It also seems like the contact points on the flippers aren't consistent.  Meh.
I guess the nice thing about pinball tables going digital, is that they can be tweaked and improved if there are a few things wrong with them!

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