Which way should I buy FX 1 tables?

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I was thinking of buying Excalibur. The thing is that I'm not sure how this works really. If I buy the table trough FX 2 downlods page, am I able to play this on FX 1 later on if I buy it? If I want to play safe I could always buy it trough FX 1 page. This comes to a second question: Will it import to the free FX 2 engine if I haven't bought the full FX 1 game yet?

EDIT: Am I correct that this table lacks Resume, Multiplayer and Operator's Mode? (If so, what a shame...)

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You are correct that it will be lacking those features, because it was made for the original Pinball FX.  And the only reason to buy the original Pinball FX is if you want to play the older tables with inferior graphics and physics.  All the original Pinball FX tables are playable in Pinball FX 2, and they're better in every way.  Don't even worry about Pinball FX 1 at this point.

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True, FX 1 is not needed anymore. In my case though, because I'm kind of a discount maniac, I can't really think of paying the same for less no matter how inferior thing I'd be missing =P

Decided to take the plunge and see if I'm gonna spend the 200 points as intended or additional 800 points to fix a possible incompatibility of this table.
=> Reporting back in a moment. Wish me luck ^^

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Looks like there is only 1 way of buying the old (non-core) tables after the release of Pinball FX 2. Oh well, kind of a good way to skip the earliest releases and concentrate on these better ones for now.

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