Your Pinball FX 2 dream licenses

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This is NOT about putting classic pinball tables into Pinball FX 2.  Leave your hopes and wishes for a video pinball version of Addams Family Pinball at the door.  The question here is if the developer could get ANY intellectual property license that they wanted, what you want most and why?
My choices:

The Simpsons - My favorite TV show of all time, even if only about the first ten seasons are great.
Conan O'Brien - I'm a longtime fan, and he'd be a really fun license right now.
The Venture Brothers - Great show, but it needs to be better-known.   Archer would be a great choice too.
Lastly, how about making this a reality:   :)

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@SpaceInsomniac said:

The Venture Brothers - Great show, but it needs to be better-known.

Oh HELLS yeah.
That would definitely be my #1 pick, followed by Futurama.
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TV-series: Firefly, Quantum Leap 
games: Mass Effect, Persona 3/4
would love to see any of those licenses as a pinball table.

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Personally I'd love to see the Elvira pinball tables getting the digital treatment, one spooky little bar in Dallas had it & been wanting to play it more but sad that the place closed down.   Fantasy picks would definitely go to one for Deadly Premonition, a Deadpool themed table & Mass Effect2. 

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I may be on the wrong idea here but i'd just like to see a Pinball Quest type table(s). So guess you can throw any RPG license at it to make it work.   
The idea is, ya start off on the village table...this is where you do yer starter quests and where you can buy supplies (what that does for pinball i have no idea)  but from there you light the gate to, say, the forest table. go through that gate and it takes you to a whole new table with a new set of rules and quests and such..then it carries on like that, through plenty of cliche RPG locations, and you have to make your way back to the previous tables now and again for whatever reasons! Amazing!

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