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Pinball Quest is a pinball RPG game developed by TOSE Co. and released in 1990 for the NES by Jaleco.


There are four gameplay options available to you in pinball quest:

  • Pop! Pop!: a pinball table with a 1950's theme
  • Viva Golf!: a golf themed pinball table
  • Circus: a circus theme pinball table.


The meat of the game where you are tasked with saving the pinball kings wife who was kidnapped by orange demons in the opening scene of the game. You move upwards through several "tables" each with its own theme and boss, instead of dying you fall down into the previous table should you "lose" your ball. If this happens on the first table you are asked if you would like to try again.

After each level you have the ability to visit the store and buy upgrades, sell items, and also risk stealing.


Table 1

Table 1 is a cemetery where the player will begin the game's quest. In order to progress to the next table the player must defeat the 3 skeletons and then the giant skeleton that they form.

Table 2

Table 2 starts off with a lot of forward momentum bringing the pinball right to the boss which is a witch. If she hits the pinball with her power zapping spell, the ball is sent back down into the store below, and forced into the field again in order to progress. She can also heal by using her table in the corner, which can be destroyed.

Table 3

Table 3 is set in what looks like a mine. The boss here is protected by several guards that must be defeated before in order for him to take damage. Also goblin enemies are found on this table who will throw the pinball back, should they catch it.

Table 4

Table 4 involves using a roulette wheel to get a boat ride across the river and defeat 3 ghost knights to move on. The ghost knights have the ability to attack your flippers with their swords.

Table 5

Just when the player finally finds the princess, she turns into a vampire and attacks. After defeating her, destroying her fake throne gives access to access the final table.

Table 6

Finally at the last level defeat the Devil who is holding the princess. He has the ability to freeze the bumpers when the image of his head's eyes glow white.


Defeating the Devil unlocks a humorous cutscene in which the pinball encounters and defeats the master: a giant magnet. Since pinballs are made of metal it makes perfect sense!

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