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    Originally released to Japanese markets in 1984, Pinball was later converted to the NES as a launch title in North America.

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    Pinball is a real time-eater!

     With all the modern flash around this day, who would remember a game like Pinball on the original NES system? Well, I myself didn't think much of it, until I actually picked it up and played it.

    Like any classic NES game, this game offers players the basic needs of entertaining gameplay. In the concept that less is more, Pinball does just what it needs to do: It provides a stimulating way for you to play and keep on playing. With little to no extra substance in the game and 2 static screens of one pinball machine, you might think there wouldn't be much to keep coming back to. In time, however, you'll find that you will have played several hours without noticing and you will have started a new game more than you had imagined.

    With simple gameplay, such as aligning 3 symbols or five cards for an invulnerability jackpot, the goal is pretty simple. You need to survive as long as possible and rack up as many points in the process as possible. You can also collect 3 chicks to set up ball protectors, hit numbers to open a gate or drop your ball in a hole for a mini-game. The idea for a mini-game in a pinball machine is ideal to give you a change of pace. This game consists of you freeing your girlfriend Pauline (from Donkey Kong fame) by making the floor underneath her dissapear and catching her. Be sure that you do, because making her plummet to her death means the end of the game! Nintendo doesn't mess around with girlfriend murder.

    Everything else needing to be discussed, in theory, is trivial. The graphics are simple, but pleasant and well executed. You might even consider them to be rather cute in their simplicity. The simple, but effective board is well presented and the split screen action is rarely an obstacle. And it sets apart both sides from the pinball field nicely and correctly. Even the sounds are simple, but easy to listen to. No annoying countdown noises or distorted, sharp sounds.

    The only minor downside one can find in the game, is the fact the flippers disappear at some point. This isn't a bug however, it's just a way to make the game harder for you, once you hit a certain amount of points. Nonetheless, it's really more of a bother than an actual advancement to the game. With accuracy meaning the difference between life and death, it becomes frustrating to calculate shots this way. Apart from this, there are little to no flaws in this game.

    This game is recommended to anyone that likes to casually kill some time, be it alone or competing with a friend. You won't need any prior knowledge to gaming and you'll watch the time fly by as you try to align some penguins. Pinball is a real time-eater, but one of the more pleasing and simple ones of it's kind. I advise to get a cheap copy of this for your NES today! You will not regret it. 

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