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Pinballistik is a PSN-exclusive title featuring several innovations:

  • Battle mode - Two-player simultaneous competitions.
  • AI pinball players - You can play against either another human player or the AI.
  • Havok Physics - The ball and flipper physics are authentically modeled using the award-winning Havok physics engine.

As there are both two-player and single-player tables offered in each themed 'table pack', and since you can play on either side of the two-player 'Battle' tables, there are effectively three different play experiences per theme.

The Pinballistik business model is 'a la carte', with the first offering being Wild West themed 'Circle The Wagons' offered at a fairly low price. Two DLC themes are available at launch, bling-themed 'Made Of Money' and 30's sci-fi themed 'Sector X'. Since each theme contains both Battle and Classic tables, there are actually six tables available as of the launch-date.

Table Themes

  • Circle The Wagons - Many Wild West motifs, including animated can-can dancers, buffalo stampedes and griefing sand-storms. The center-piece of the table is a large six-shooter, you must lock six balls into this to get a chance to blast them back into play for a frenetic multi-ball mode.
  • Made Of Money - Reminiscent of an up-scale casino theme, there are features such as 'Celebration' and 'Paparazzi' to be earned on either side of the Battle table. A unique feature here is a side-switch mechanic, whereby you get to play on 'both sides of the track'.
  • Sector X - Science fiction theme inspired by 30s classic shows such as 'Buck Rogers' and 'Flash Gordon'. In Battle mode, a large force-field divides the players and must be knocked out temporarily to get balls across to your opponents side

Multiplayer 'Battle' Tables

Pinballistik offers the first simultaneous 2-player pinball action on a home console via it's double-wide 'Battle' tables. Players may battle against their buddy, or else against an AI player at three different skill levels. Battles involve either a race to hit certain score thresholds, or to get the highest score in a set time. Penalties are applied, and points may even be stolen from opponents, if you get your own ball past their flippers. Goals and penalties are fully configurable, and players may operate on either the left or right side of the Battle tables. Since the tables are not symmetrical, the experience can be quite different depending which side of the table that you start on.

Traditional 'Classic' Tables

Traditional single-player 'Classic' pinball tables are also included, with authentic and familiar pinball features including:

  • Ball Save - Ability to temporarily save a ball that drains by hitting certain designated targets
  • Skill Shot - hit designated targets as you plunge the ball in to get a big points bonus
  • Multipliers - modifiers that apply to the end-of-ball bonuses


Various power-ups may appear at various locations on the tables, and can imbue the players or balls with special abilities. Power-ups may be disabled for 'Classic' single-player tables for a more pure pinball experience.

Some example power-ups:

  • 'Power-ball' looks electrified and scores double-points for everything it hits (and steal points from opponents in Battle mode).
  • 'Power-flippers' will make the flippers electrified for a short time - all balls hitting power flippers will turn into power-balls.
  • 'Thief' is a slotted power-up that allows players to steal all of their opponents balls currently in play.
  • 'Hot Potato' turns the ball into a deadly weapon against opponents in Battle mode: getting this past them will steal double the standard penalty percentage.

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