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Pinstripe Potoroo is a antagonist from the Crash Bandicoot series. He is another one of Dr. Neo Cortex's animal mutations and is recognised by his red pinstripe suit and his Tommy Gun.

Crash fighting Pinstripe in the original game
Crash fighting Pinstripe in the original game
He was put in charge of Dr. Neo Cortex's waste disposal area on N. Sanity Island. In Crash Bandicoot, Crash arrives at Pinstripe's office after working his way through the rest of the facility. Pinstripe greets Crash with some manic laughter and some sporadic machine gun fire. After that a boss fight begins. Pinstripe jumps around the office and fires his gun towards Crash. Crash takes cover behind the furniture and then spins into Pinstripe. After this has been done three times, Pinstripe will fall and Crash can continue.

Pinstripe makes another appearance in the Crash Bandicoot series as another boss, this time in Crash Team Racing. He is the second to last boss and races you on a skyway filled with blimps. Once the player defeats him in a race, they can proceed and go on to race Nitrous Oxide. 

It is revealed in the Japanese developed Crash Boom, Bang! that he and Tawna(Crash's former love intrest) are in a relationship.

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