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    The first in a franchise of Israeli games that gained fame in the boundaries of the small country. A humorous adventure game featuring a failed actor that tries his luck in Hollywood.

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    The Game

    Hezi Piposh is the Israeli actor that played Elimelech Egoz, the main character in Guillotines first game: In The Midst of Rating. 
     Hezi Piposh
     Hezi Piposh

    After gaining no fame and no fortune from appearing as the failed detective Eliemlech Egoz, the failed actor wishes to try his luck in Hollywood. He orders a cruise from Israel to Hollywood, but goes on the wrong ship. Aboard this ship are a cavalcade of odd characters: The ships captain - Capitolomihu Krupnic, the ship mechanic Henry Steam, the ship maid Brigett, a crazy German doctor Fritz Fon Bzzz, and many more. Also on board, is a murderer that has been knocking off people every day. 
    It is Piposh's role to find the killer and save the ship.    

    Characters List

    • Hezi Piposh    
     The cast of characters on Captain Krupnik's ship
     The cast of characters on Captain Krupnik's ship
    • Captain Krupnik  
    • Henry Steam 
    • Brigitte  
    • Fritz Fon bzzz
    • Efi the Lulu 
    • Pustema  
    • Pustema's Crystal Ball 
    • Tzutzik 
    • Marjury Kol-Raam 
    • Yeshurun Bar-sehel 
    • The Bentley Couple 
    • Captain Dubi Nahs 


    Piposh  is a humorous adventure game in the likes of the famed Monkey Island series. The player will navigate Hezi Piposh on the cruise ship that is broken into sections and rooms. You'll talk to the other guests and crew, pick up objects and use them to solve puzzles, in your goal to capture the murderer on board. 
    The game also features a number of mini games that are unrelated to the story line. Among them are an arcade room, a casino, a wrestling ring, a hot-tub and more.  

    Bonus Material

    Piposh came with an audio CD that included songs and skits that were in the game. 
    In the game, the player also collected Travel and Ancient cards that could be printed into a card collection booklet.

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