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    Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jan 24, 2007

    Experience the madness that is Pirates, Vikings and Knight II, while fighting to kill, steal, loot, plunder or even capturing the mighty Holy Grail. Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is a free Half-Life 2 mod.

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    Experience the controlled madness that is Pirates, Vikings and Knight II
    Experience the controlled madness that is Pirates, Vikings and Knight II

    Become a wild, savage, and berserking Berserker, a noble, gigantic gentleman, heavy armored Heavy Knight with a humongous Greatsword, or even a fast-running, powderkeg tossing, fast slashing pirate Skirmisher in the cartoony and over-the-top world that is Pirates, Vikings and Knights II, or PVKII.

    Join one of the three very different, out-of-order factions: Pirates, Vikings and Knights, while they battle each other in a never-ending battle for wealth, dominance and power. Each team has its overall strengths and weaknesses, since each member within these faction is contributing with different weapons and attributes. The game primarily focuses on melee combat, but most classes have some sort of ranged weapon, like a crossbow or a gunpowder pistol.

    You will battle on many various locations, including: Medieval Castles, European Villages, Winter Landscapes, Grassy Plains, Sea Vessels, Catacombs and Sea Ports.


    One of the core aspects of Pirates, Vikings & Knights II's fun value, is the player taunts. Throughout the game, a player can yell various insults or commands at other players by the classic voice-menu known from Source games. Each faction has its own set of voice commands, which make up for a lot of different choices.

    One of the most used voice command in the entire game, is the Vikings' "You are no man!" insult, which have become some sort of trademark for the whole modification and is widely used in the game's community.

    Free to Play

    Pirates, Vikings & Knights II, or PVKII, is a unique multiplayer mod for Valve's Source engine. It is totally free (as long as you have the source engine) and can be downloaded directly from steam.

    For more information, head to:


    Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is built around the idea of classic warfare with swords, spears, bows, powdered guns and throwing axes. This is done with a very simple, unbelievable solid, and rewarding melee and ranged combat-system. If you dig more into the details and mechanics, it can become more complicated and even more rewarding.

    Pirates, Vikings and Knight II has a basic health system, as well as armor. Armor determines how much damage you receive. A Heavy Knight with no armor at all dies fairly quick with two or three hits (based upon weapon and class), while a fully armored Heavy Knight might need around ten hits.

    Max Health and Armor is different from every class.

    You can see how much health an enemy or teammate has by pointing your crosshair at him. The remaining health is described as a sentence.

    These are the sentences, from full, or close to full, health (top), to being nearly dead (bottom):

    • Not A Scratch
    • Just A Flesh Wound
    • Bleeding Profusely
    • About To Be Pushing Up The Daisies

    Melee Combat

    Fully charged Captain ready to slash a knight
    Fully charged Captain ready to slash a knight

    When fighting with melee weapons like swords axes and dagger, it's all about directions. When attacking with a melee weapon, you will be able to make a forward attack, "back" attack, and a left/right attack, depending on which side your moving while hitting the attack button. These different types of attack have an affect on your attack: the swing , the radius, the damage it will cause, and how long time the swing will take to land. For instance, if you are standing still or moving forward while attacking (Default: Mouse1) with the Heavy Knights Two-handed Sword, he lift the sword over his head and swings it down with a powerful chop-like move, dealing massive damage. However, meaning that it's a chop, it will be much harder to hit the enemy. You could also move to one of the sides, making a slash-like motion, dealing less damage, but is much easier to hit.

    Note: Standing still is always counted as "moving forward", which means a forward attack or a forward parry.

    Full charge meter
    Full charge meter
    • Charge Meter
      You can charge up your attacks, increasing the damage it will cause. Holding down the attack button will fill the charge meter up. You can not just hold down the attack button forever, this will cause your charge meter to decrease again after some time, eventually making it "worth" as much as an attack with no charge at all. When the charge meter is full, your weapon will be glowing with a fire-like enchant, making the attack deal maximum damage and go through parries, shield blocks and armor.
      If two fully charged opposing players attack each at the same time, you will both be stunned.
    Parrying doesn't help against explosion or ranged weapons
    Parrying doesn't help against explosion or ranged weapons
    • Parry
      You can also parry with any melee weapon in any of the four directions. You choose a direction similar to choosing an attack direction. If you move to the left while pressing the Parry button (Default: Mouse2), you will make a left parry. Parrying allows you to take less damage, if anything, when an enemy attacks you. The size of your weapon versus your opponents weapon will also decide how well you can parry.

      The game is featured with an automatically Parry system, making parrying easier. The direction the game choose for you is depending on what attack-direction the nearest enemy is using. You can turn this feature off in the game's option menu.
    Perfect Parry
    Perfect Parry
    • Perfect Parry
      If you see an enemy approaching you with a left-direction attack, and you then parry his attack with a right-direction parry (the opposite direction of the enemy), you will perform something called a Perfect Parry. Perfect parries will mitigate all damage and stun your opponent, dropping his guards and become dazed for a few seconds, as well as allow you to perform a deadly Counter Attack(explained later). Small weapons cannot Perfect Parry large ones, but will reduce the damage taken when performing a successful parry. If you block to the wrong direction of your enemy's attack you will take partial damage and there is a chance you will be the one who becomes stunned.
    • Counter Attack
      The player can perform a Counter Attack, if the player can hit their attack button immediately after scoring a succesful Perfect Parry. The Counter Attack is an instant and powerful swing with your weapon that will deal much damage to the opponent, stunning and making them unable to block for a period of time as well.
    Blocking is an awesome way to piss off ranged classes!
    Blocking is an awesome way to piss off ranged classes!
    • Shield Block
      Shields are the only defense against ranged weapons, hence it can be used to block ranged projectiles with, but also melee attacks. Shield Blocking is much simpler than parrying, since there's no "block-directions" to keep in mind. You may also charge your shield bash as you would charge a normal attack. While blocking, the player can hit their attack button to bash enemies - the greater the charge of your bash the further enemies will be pushed back. A fully charged shield bash will make you're opponents "Bashed!", similar to Perfect Parry, you can perform a Counter Attack right after bashing someone. You can also use a fully charged bash to knock a chest out of your enemy's hands.

      If someone is blocking with their shield, they will take partial damage from a fully charged melee attack, also, fully charged enemy weapons and shields have the potential to break your block.

      Shields also have health point. A shield that loses all of its health will break and become unusable - you can repair your shield by picking up armor pick-ups.

    Ranged Combat

    Crossbow bolt to the face is not a pleasant feeling
    Crossbow bolt to the face is not a pleasant feeling

    Ranged combat in Pirates, Vikings and Knights II can become deadly once you understand the mechanics and adapt your playstyle. Yet it is much simpler than melee combat.

    Some ranged weapons is a simple "point and shoot" weapon, mostly the pirates gunpowder weapons. Other weapons require you to charge up an attack for maximal fire/throw range and damage - similar to the melee charge meter. Ranged weapons that doesn't have an instant-shoot fire mode, like the Archers' Crossbow or Skirmishers' Flintlock Pistol, is able to lower their projectile again after beginning to charge it up. For instance, you're a Huscarl with Throwing Axes, you start charging up your throwing axe, but realise that you don't want to use it now. So instead of wasting your ammo, you can simply hit the same button as you parry and block on (Default: Mouse2) to lower it again, not wasting any ammo.

    Some weapons have to reload after use, others don't. With some weapons, like the Crossbow, you have to remain stationary in the process of reloading. When you run out of Throwing Axes or Arrows you simply walk over a ammo pick-up and you'll get more, or you can walk over an already-fire projectile laying on the ground to pick it up and use it again (it has to be the same type of projectile as you use yourself).

    Special Attack

    Every class have a special attack which are very different from each other, but all can be devastating if used correctly. Specials often requires that you have a certain weapon equipped in order to use it, for instance, you need to have the Gestir's spear equipped in order to use his Spear Dash, while specials like the Berserker's Berserk can be used at any time, no matter what weapon is equipped. The player will have to fill up their special meter in order to use their special, this is done by either causing or receiving damage.

    When carrying a chest, you can also use your special to sprint for a few seconds.

    Factions & Classes

    This is a list of the current classes and their weapons. More classes will be added once new updates are released.

    Current factions and classes:

    Pirates: Skirmisher

    No Caption Provided
    The scurvy-infested dogs of any pirate crew. Despite having a powderkeg strapped to their back, these guys are quick!

    The Skirmisher's speed is his greatest weapon; dancing around and hacking wildly on enemies can be deadly. Using the pistol to finish off fleeing enemies or when you're in danger can be useful as well. The keg is great for clearing out or damaging groups of enemies, so you can easily kill the surviving enemies. The special is best used at narrow passages.

    Weapons and Special Attack


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Cutlass

    Your standard pirate sword. The Skirmisher's cutlass is light, quick and deadly. Use your special for a powerful Lunge.

    Flintlock Pistol

    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Flintlock Pistol

    Because of their slow reloading time, many pirates carry six loaded pistols which can be fired relatively quickly.


    No Caption Provided

    A keg full of highly explosive black powder. The keg can be lit by the Mouse1 button. Once lit, press Mouse1 again to toss the keg.

    Special Attack: Lunge

    This is the Skirmisher using his Lunge attack.
    This is the Skirmisher using his Lunge attack.

    When the skirmisher unleashes his special attack, he lunges forward his cutlass, dealing massive damage to anyone caught in his way.

    Pirates: Captain

    No Caption Provided
    Don't let the peg leg fool you. Captains are as deadly as their crew and as thirsty for booty as any pirate. Armed with their parrot companion, these guys don't go down without a fight.

    The Captain is one of the slowest units in the game (due to his peg leg), so you’ll have to approach combat with caution. The Captain should send his parrot in first, while the enemy is trying to kill it (which won’t take too long for most players), he should rush in with his cutlass, get a few hits in with it to lower his targets health into the “Blunderbuss kill zone” . Get them hurt enough to where the blunderbuss will kill them with its single shot. Then shoot them with it.

    Weapons and Special Attack

    Captain's Cutlass

    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Cutlass

    More powerful than your average cutlass, the captain knows how to use it to take down even the strongest of opponents.


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Blunderbuss

    Although it only holds one shot, the captain comes equipped with backup ammo and has mastered the art of reloading with a hook. These shotgun-esque weapons are deadly up-close and come with your standard warranty. Use your special to load a deadly, exploding shot!


    No Caption Provided

    This parrot was trained to peck and makes for an excellent diversion. When in desperate close-quarters combat (or looking to embarass your opponent) the hook may also be used to gouge and punch.

    Special Attack: Exploding Shot

    Explosion from the Captain's Special Attack
    Explosion from the Captain's Special Attack

    The Captain loads his blunderbuss with a special shot, creating a huge explosion on impact.

    Vikings: Berserker

    No Caption Provided
    Berserkers are legendary Norse warriors known for their ferosity in battle and ability to go into an extreme state of rage. Some say they eat mushrooms to induce this rage. Others say they have a special spirtual bond with the gods, who grant them this gift. We, however, say they just get really pissed off.

    The sword/axe combo is your main weapons for lightly armoured enemies and your big axe for large enemies (mainly the heavy knight). As a berserker you should use your berserking special whenever you can. It will make you run faster and do more damage with any of your weapons so activate it whenever possible.

    Weapons and Special Attack

    Two-handed Axe

    No Caption Provided

    Slower than the other weapons, but just as deadly. These axes are capable of splitting a mans skull in half.


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Dual Wielding

    Swung in quick succession, this deadly combo is quick enough to mow grass as well as flesh.

    Special Attack: Berserk

    This is the Berserker... Berserking!
    This is the Berserker... Berserking!

    Use the special attack button to go into a berserker rage. While in this state, you gain strength, speed, health, and the uncanny desire to howl like a wolf. But beware, for after the rage has ended, the gained health will be lost; many berserkers have died after their rage has ended.

    Vikings: Huscarl

    No Caption Provided
    A moderately armored viking with ranged capabilities and a shield to guard against the attacks of all opponents. The Huscarl may not be as crazy as the Berserker, but maybe that's a good thing. What lunatic goes into combat shirtless anyway!

    Much like the Gestir's javelins, it will take some practice for you to be getting headshots with the throwing axes. You can pick up all of your throwing axes after throwing them by running over them if you miss your targets. The big axe is much like the axe the berserker has, but it is faster. And the sword and board is so you can soak up more damage.

    Weapons and Special Attack

    Two-handed Axe

    No Caption Provided

    Faster than most two-handed weapons, this axe can quickly take down lightly armored veterans and noobs alike.

    Sword & Shield

    No Caption Provided

    Nothing stops a ranged assault better than a warriors shield. Besure to use during melee situations as well, a well timed shield bash can really mess up your opponent's vision. Use your special to shield-charge your opponents.This class is all about axes, big axes, sword and shields, and throwing axes.

    Throwing Axes

    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Throwing Axe

    What do you call a Viking with throwing axes? Deadly. These babies will have your enemies running in fear, unfortunately for them the axes are faster (don't forget about gravity when throwing long distances).

    Special Attack: Shield Charge

    Take forth your shield and charge towards enemies with it, dealing damage and causes knockback to anyone in his way.

    Vikings: Gestir

    No Caption Provided
    An experienced combatant with a long pointy spear and a short pointy beard. Don't let the grey hair fool you, this is one tough bastard!

    Your spear is you main weapon as the Gestir, use it as often as possible because it has more range than other peoples swords, giving you a very good advantage. The sword and shield though seemingly good for soaking damage, isn’t as good as using your spear... why soak damage when you can do tons more to your enemy? And your javelins are your ranged options, note it will take some time for you to get used to these! No joke, you have to be running forward to get the most damage out of these and it will take some time to master them. (Also note, you can pick up your javelins if you miss with them!)

    Weapons and Special Attack


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Spear

    Long and quick, the spear can be used to easily keep enemies at bay. Can be used to do quick attacks, though sometimes it's good to get in a full charge for maximum damage and pushback. Use your special with this weapon for a deadly spear charge!

    Langseax & Shield

    No Caption Provided

    The Langseax was originally intended as a tool for around the camp, but quickly became a weapon in the Vikings' arsenal. Combined with a shield, the langseax can be a deadly tool for slicing an opponent's flesh while still defending against a counter attack.


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Javelin

    Javelins are the premier viking ranged weapon. These weapons pack a serious punch and can be thrown long distances when the player charges them fully. The charge on your Javelin is not like other ranged weapons, it relies on forward momentum for maximum effect.

    Special Attack: Spear Dash

    Gestir doing his Spear Dash (Special)... Poor Knights
    Gestir doing his Spear Dash (Special)... Poor Knights

    Start running towards enemies with you spear and damage anyone in your path.

    Knights: Heavy Knight

    No Caption Provided
    Like a medieval version of a tank, these elite troops are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of damage and can dish out
    almost the same.

    The Heavy Knight is very self explanatory, you have a lot of health and armor, and you have a big sword for offense and a sword and shield for when you need to soak up even more damage. The big sword is slow however so if you are getting circled by an enemy or parrot maybe switching to the smaller sword is the best course of action.

    Weapons and Special Attack

    Two-handed Sword

    No Caption Provided

    A really long sword. Is he making up for something? We think not. I wouldn't ask either, the sword hurts enough when he isn't angry! Use your special to do a 360 degree spin, damaging all opponents within range!

    Sword and Shield

    No Caption Provided

    The shield can be used to bash enemies, temporarily stunning them. Use this time to wack them with the sword.

    Special Attack: Twirl

    A Heavy Knight's Twirl (Special) from his perspective.
    A Heavy Knight's Twirl (Special) from his perspective.

    Goes into a Twirl with his Two-handed Sword, dealing huge damage and knock backs anyone around you.

    Knights: Archer

    No Caption Provided
    The Crème de Cacao of the Knight's Arsenal. These guys may not be the burliest of men, but they know how to make killing look good.

    The Archer really doesn’t need a strategy told to anyone, I would recommend that fire off a few arrows at the egging of a match to get use to the affect of gravity on your arrows. Use your crossbows for up close encounters and use your short sword in very desperate times... if you can run away and get more ammo, melee is not your thing.

    Weapons and Special Attack

    Short Sword

    No Caption Provided

    A small but quick sword to be used only when absolutely necessary. Archers hate getting bloody!


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Crossbow

    This baby packs a powerful punch but a slow reload, so be aware of your surroundings. Why is it so inaccuracte? Try aiming it dummy! (Mouse2) The crossbow can pierce shields, doing a percentage of its damage to the enemy.


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Longbow

    The Archer's calling card. Let's see a pirate chase you down with an arrow in his good eye. Use the advanced crosshair to your advantage when judging the effect gravity will have on your arrows. Use your special to load 3 powerful arrows in one shot!

    Special Attack: Fire Arrows

    Archer getting ready to fire three arrows into an unfortunate foe
    Archer getting ready to fire three arrows into an unfortunate foe

    Fires three deadly fire arrows from the Longbow at the same time.


    Not many games have items to pick-up during gameplay anymore, but the ones you pick up here are pretty easy to get used to.


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Food

    Food restores the players health – it restores over time however, so picking it up just before a killing blow will not save you.


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Armor

    Armor will restore your characters armor. Armor depletes much like health: as you take damage you lose some armor as well as health. The more armor you have, the less damage your health takes.


    No Caption Provided
    Main page: Ammo

    Ammo can be picked up by players that use ammunition with their weapons. The following classes uses ammo:

    • Captain - Blunderbus shots
    • Skirmisher - Flintlock Pistol shots and Powder Kegs

    Vikings- Knight’s Archer (Arrows)
    • Huscarl - Throwing Axes
    • Gestir - Javelins

    • Archer - Arrows and Bolts

    Game Modes

    Team Deathmatch

    Main page: Team Deat hmatch

    The simplest game mode of them all - Kill everyone you see who is not on your team. The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins.


    The objective of booty mode is to infiltrate the enemy bases and bring back as many chests as you can to your own base. Every chest at your base will lower your tickets. The first team to reach zero tickets wins the round. On some maps, a particular team may start with all of the chests with the objective of defending them from the other teams who start no chests. To compensate for the advantage, the team will have a far better starting place with better defense. In other maps there the chests may spawn in areas outside of the teams' starting zones.

    The effective team must strike a balance between offense and defense, for if everyone is on offense, an enemy may steal chests from their base while no one is there. Should everyone be concentrated on defense, there is no possibility of obtaining more chests. Capturing a chest that was previously owned by another team will remove 5 tickets from your counter and add 5 to theirs.


    • Standing in an enemy's chest zone will stall their tickets from decreasing
    • Use your characters special ability while holding a chest to get a speed boost, this is an effective way to outrun a dangerous situation without dropping the chest.


    Main page: Domination

    Territory is exact ly as the name says. The objective is to capture and hold the territories throughout the map. Once a territory is captured, it will count down that team's tickets. The more territories your team holds, the faster your counter goes down. In some maps, holding all of the territories at once will initiate a final countdown; if your team holds all of the territories for the duration of that countdown, you win automatically. Otherwise, the first team to reach 0 wins the game.


    • Standing in an enemy territory, even when outnumbered, will slow the rate that their tickets will decline.
    • Standing in a territory you control will prevent an equal or lesser number of enemies from neutralizing it.

    Holy Grail

    Someone on each team recieves an artifact relevant to their faction. While holding the artifact, you and your teammates will be buffed by its holy power and must slay a designated amount of enemies to win the round. Only kills done by a team member that is under the artifacts' buffs will count towards their tickets.

    Last Team Standing

    The name is pretty self explanatory. Kill all your opponents by the time the timer runs out and you win the round. If the timer hits zero, Sudden Death begins. During Sudden Death certain environmental hazards such as lava, NPC zombies, or automated cannon fire will occur and players who are not careful will die quickly, this forces the teams to work fast to kill the other in the hopes of winning the round.

    How Scoring Works in PVKII

    • Kills - The number of enemies whom you have killed.
    • Assists - Your kill assists. You get an assist any time you were the last to damage a player within a few seconds of a teammate killing them.
    • Death - The number of deaths you've suffered. (Good thing it's just a game!)
    • Kill Bonuses - You get kill bonuses from things like getting revenge in last team standing, grail kills, etc.
    • Assist Bonuses - Just like kill bonuses, but when you get the assist.
    • Healing - Points you get from healing your teammates. Note: Not currently available in the game.
    • Captures - You gain capture points from completing objectives. This includes capturing a chest, capturing a territory, etc.
    • Defenses - The number of times you've defended an objective. This could be returning a stolen chest, defending a territory, etc.

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