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The Pistol is the Scout's preferred method of medium-range attack and can be handy when trying to take out Pyros or undefended Engineer installations.

The Scout may have the best alternative to his main gun of all the classes as the Pistol is a perfect compliment to the point blank efficiency of his primary weapon.

A Scout skimming the outside of a firefight with a Pistol also tends to be considered non-threatening or unreachable by the enemy team, allowing the ignored Scout to take as many potshots as he wants at the aggressors. Don't get too comfortable though, because with only 3 extra magazines you can run out of ammo very fast, and having it as a backup is nice when your Scattergun doesn't quite finish the job.


As the Engineer's secondary weapon, the Pistol fires and reloads quickly, but is still no match for most weapons. Opt for the Shotgun when in danger, but use this whenever you have free time. With 200 extra bullets, and a Dispenser likely nearby you can take all the potshots you want once your equipment is up, just watch for Spies.


Clip Size12
Ammo CapacityScout: 36
Engineer: 200
Bullets Per Shot1
Damage (Point-Blank)22
Damage (Medium Range)13-17
Damage (Long Range)8-10
Mini Crit Damage20
Critical Hit Damage45
Rate of FireFast
Projectile TypeHitscan
Reload TypeClip


Prior to the Classless Update, the Pistol lacked an auto-fire option and could be fired literally as fast as the mouse could be clicked. This was capitalized on by using scripts to automatically fire the Pistol faster than humanly possible, doing incredible amounts of damage. The update removed this ability and made the Pistol fire at maximum speed at a fixed rate when the fire button is held down.


  • The Lugermorph is an unlockable reskin for the Pistol.
  • The Pistol is obtainable in Strange quality from Mann Co. Supply Crate #23.

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