Don't sleep on Pit People, "game 4" from The Behemoth, turn based strategy + coop!

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The game has been in early access for a while, and now finally fully released for PC and Xbox. Behemoth took a weird turn and made a turn based strategy game, much to the chagrin of fans hoping for Castle Crashers 2. But the game is very much worth your time. It is strategy + coop + pokemon.

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1. The art and humor is still very much their distinct style.

2. The strategy combat is not as tight as say Into the Breach, but the more laid-back feel is nice too.

3. The game also offers online or couch co-op, a rarity in turn based strategy games.

4. Units can be recruited by capturing enemies (of wacky design) on the battlefield.

5. All kinds of loot and customization options.


96% positive on steam

Destructoid: 8.5--"I love the risks it takes to shake up strategy RPGs. It's a wild, creative, occasionally erratic game. Pit People is imperfect, but it's so worth your time."

also 25% off until March 13, 2018, $15

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They did a look at the beta version on a UPF about a year ago. It looks good

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I got really into it for a bit in January 2017 when it first hit early access and loved it so much I decided to just walk away until the full release (I have had a tendency of burning myself out in early access and losing interest once release hits). I look forward to diving in again once Into the Breach releases it's hold on me.

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The last Behemoth game did nothing for me, but this one looks cool. (I mean, they all LOOK cool, since Dan Paladin is great... but you know what I mean)

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@sombre: The UPF section was pretty early on. What sold me on the game was some youtubers co-op-ing the first chunk of the story. The mechanics/design/story go some weird weird places. Like a unicorn enemy you can capture, or a Revolutionary War side quest chain

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I want to want this game. But Battleblock Theater turned me off so hard I can't see past it.

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@luchalma: I mean, to each their own, but it could not be a more different game.

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Played this for a few hours last night and really enjoyed it. It's overly absurd and the gameplay is simple but I'm sure it has alot of room to scale up the challenge as new classes and enemies emerge. For anyone turned off by zany writing and nonsensical situations (older Bohemoth stuff or Double Fine humor) this game will probably aggravate you.

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I remember this game looking really neat when they played it on UPF way back. I'll have to check this out.

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Loving it so far. I've liked each Behemoth game better than the last. I think Battleblock was criminally overlooked, I hope more people check this out.

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