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Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle (Known simply as Pitfall 3D in Japan, and Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle in Europe) was developed by Luxoflux and published by Activision for the PlayStation platform. The game was the first attempt at bringing the classic 2D franchise into the age of 3D-gaming, and was received reasonably warmly by fans and critics, but could not emulate the success of its forebears. As the title suggests, the game does not take place in a traditional jungle, but in a whole other world. Despite a new setting, the title retains many of the franchise's hallmarks, from vine-swinging to rolling logs.


The game features the son of Pitfall Harry, Pitfall Harry Jr, on a quest for treasure and adventure. At the outset of the game, Harry Jr. is transported to another world, and encounters a malevolent force known only as 'The Scourge', intent on turning the world dark and evil. Together with his new companion Mira, Harry Jr. sets out to defeat this new enemy, and grab as much treasure as he can along the way.


The voice-acting in the game is particularly noteworthy, with Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame lending his voice to the role of Pitfall Harry Jr, and Catherine Sutherland (best known as the Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) as the voice of the new female character Mira.

The original Atari 2600 game Pitfall! is fully playable as a secret Easter Egg.

There is also a version of the game released for the Game Boy Colour which dropped the "3D" from the title called: Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle.


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