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    Pitne For

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A Volus merchant encountered in Nos Astra Spaceport, Illium, in Mass Effect 2.

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    Pitne For, a conniving Volus merchant, grounded in Nos Astra Spaceport by detective Anaya under suspicion of smuggling and murdering his business parter, Dakni Kur. He claims to be an honest merchant, making deals with mercenaries in 'well lit areas,' and accompanied by his troop of hired Turian bodyguards.
    However he becomes aggravated by the arrival of the Asari Justicar, Samara, and is quick to broker a deal with Shepard. Pitne For gives him a copy of a key-card given to him by the Eclipse for dropping off wares, allowing the player to enter the Eclipse hideout elevator.

    While his innocence in regard to the murder is later proved by Commander Shepard, it is also uncovered that Pitne For is indeed smuggling chemicals through Illium that not only gives users biotic powers, such as those inflicted by the Eclipse on his other associate, Niftu Cal, but are highly toxic. 
    The player can opt to turn in Pitne For to detective Anaya before returning to the Normandy after finding incriminating evidence that he sold 2000 units of Minagen X3 and 600 units of Red Sand to the Eclipse.


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