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    Pixel Puzzle Collection

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 09, 2018

    A collection of nonogram puzzles based on sprites from classic Konami games, ranging from major franchises like Castlevania, Gradius, and Bomberman to lesser-known releases such as Getsu Humaden, Nuts & Milk, and Wai Wai World.

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    Pixel Puzzle Collection is a Picross style puzzle game developed and published by Konami for iPhone, iPad, and Android.


    Pixel Puzzle Collection is a logic puzzle game in which the objective is to figure out which blocks in a grid are to be filled in to reveal an image.

    Players can start a random puzzle by clicking on one of the game's three main save slots. Only one slot is unlocked at the start, with the others unlocking after finishing a set amount of puzzles.

    Mid-Boss and Boss Puzzles

    There are two types of puzzles that vary slightly from the normal puzzles. These types of puzzles are completed in the same way, however each individual puzzle is a small piece of a larger puzzle. The mid-boss puzzles are 4 pieces and will come up randomly while playing the regular puzzles.

    The boss puzzles are comprised of much more pieces than the mid-boss puzzles. Playing a piece of the boss puzzles can only be done once every 4 hours of real time.

    Expert Mode

    As of version 1.0.2, Expert Mode unlocks after completing all puzzles. Expert Mode prevents the players from using the "X" to mark that a square should not be filled; players may only fill or erase squares.

    Expert Mode also adds a small number of additional puzzles to the library.


    There are ten different categories that the puzzles belong to. These categories are sorted by what the picture is. The ten categories are:

    • Action - 80 Puzzles (89 in Expert Mode)
    • Shooting - 64 Puzzles (72 in Expert Mode)
    • Thinking - 58 Puzzles (61 in Expert Mode)
    • Sports - 44 Puzzles (48 in Expert Mode)
    • Variety - 46 Puzzles (48 in Expert Mode)
    • Gradius - 61 Puzzles (63 in Expert Mode)
    • Parodius - 28 Puzzles (30 in Expert Mode)
    • Bomberman - 51 Puzzles (53 in Expert Mode)
    • School Girls - 38 Puzzles (40 in Expert Mode)
    • Castlevania - 30 Puzzles (31 in Expert Mode)

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