Plain Sight

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    Plain Sight is an indie multiplayer third-person arcade action game in which players control suicidal ninja robots, dashing through a gravity-less, surreal arena in space.

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    Interesting Premise

    Seriously, you play as a ninja robot assassin that kills other ninja robot assassins for points, and then self destructs to cash them in... What a great idea. 
    Too bad the gameplay is sub par. The combat is fast paced and frantic, which in this case, is good. For those who get motion sickness, do not play this.  
    Now for the bad parts: Running controls feel too lose, hitting a wall in mid air causes you to stick (breaks the flow of the game), locking on by loading up your attack is a terrible idea (if the enemy dies, you have to attack before you can target someone else), the attacking accuracy seems random, the camera controls are too lose, and there can be quite a bit of lag. 
    The game has some good things going for it, but bad controls ruin games!

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